Alternative Investment Ideas Gaining Steam as Way to Pay for College and Reach Other Financial Goals

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When most of us think about why folks invest, the top reasons that typically come to mind are to build wealth for a financial future or to create a nest egg that is large enough to fund a comfortable retirement.

One important financial goal that is often overlooked is the need to save to pay for our children’s college tuition and expenses. Investing can be an important part of securing your children’s future, as nowadays it’s practically impossible to get ahead and succeed in life without an advanced degree from a leading institution of higher learning.

Investments Beat Simple Savings Due to Growth Potential

Regardless of your financial goal, investing increases the odds that you will have the amount of money that you need later on down the road. This is because many investments have the potential to grow at a rate faster than the rate of inflation. This is drastically different than traditional savings products such as simple interest-bearing deposits, money market funds, and Treasury bonds and notes whose rate of growth is typically very low.

Reach and Exceed Your Goals

The following is a list of investment ideas to help you prepare for the future so that you can fulfill your hopes and financial aspirations, whatever they may happen to be.

Foreign Currencies

One investment idea that is gaining in popularity is foreign currencies. Several countries are becoming attractive investment opportunities due to their high rate of growth. The economy in Iraq, for example, is experiencing rapid growth as the country’s government extends its control over a growing number of areas. Stability is returning, and businesses of all sizes are springing up as key infrastructure is rebuilt.

Investors can reap the benefits of this economic boom by purchasing the Iraqi dinar and other foreign currencies through a reputable and experienced currency exchange company, such as Treasury Vault. While the price and value of foreign currencies are usually fairly volatile, this type of investment offers some protection from large-scale economic downturns that affect the value of the U.S. Dollar and other major currencies such as the Euro, and British Pound.

Alternative Investments that Can Beat Traditional Stocks and Bonds

Foreign currency is an example of an alternative investment that can offer protection from the risk of loss that may occur if there is another “Great Recession” or another event that causes a sell-off in more traditional investments such as the Dow and other markets where stocks and bonds are publicly traded.

The following are some additional nontraditional ideas for investing your money for a higher potential yield.

Classic Cars

Since the first Model T rolled off the production line in 1908, Americans have an obsessive love-hate relationship with their automobiles. Numerous makes and models of the most popular cars and trucks have increased in value over the years, which makes owning a classic car a potentially lucrative investment.

Limited production runs, the overall condition of the vehicle and whether it has all of its original parts and features, especially the original paint, floor covering and seat covers, can all affect its value.


Move over, Picasso! Fine art was once a popular alternative investment. Signed works of art created by the old masters and other well-known, highly skilled artists are starting to fall out of favor with collectors. Now, signed, limited copies of photographs are all the rage with fans of modern art and investors.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Many traditional savings accounts are currently earning less than 1% interest on the deposit, making them one of the least attractive options if you need to save for college, a down payment on a house or any other financial goal. To be profitable, you need an investment strategy with a potential for high growth and yield.

One alternative investment that’s really taken off since the last economic downturn is financing the debt of others. Lending Club is just one of the many firms that allow investors to pool their investment with others and issue personal loans.

These firm have various criteria that borrowers must meet before they qualify for a loan, which helps to lower the risk. While there is a chance that an individual borrower might default and not pay you back, you can lower the risk of loss by making several smaller loans to multiple borrowers and then lean back and reap the rewards as these loans typically earn investors 5 to 10% interest or more!


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