7 Ways to Overcome Addiction Before Having a Baby

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Planning a family is a joyous occasion in a couple’s life. If you’re going to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term without complications it will be imperative for you to start taking care of your health. Not only does this mean eating healthier meals, but it also means kicking bad habits. One bad habit in particular that could harm both you and the unborn child is the abuse of harmful substances.
Protect the Womb

Whether you smoke cigarettes, marijuana, abuse prescription medications or consume alcohol, it is essential to quit before you get pregnant. Your body will serve as the “home” for your baby over the next nine months. It will provide the necessary nutrients for the baby to develop before entering the world. When you’re abusing harmful substances, it can have a negative impact on the development of your baby and the quality of your pregnancy.

Ways to Beat Addiction

1. Rehab – Perhaps the most progressive way to beat any addiction is to attend a rehab program. Rehab is designed to provide assistance to those wishing to beat addiction. By abstaining from using harmful substances and participating in therapeutic treatments such as those described at crestviewrecovery.com, patients learn efficient ways to deal with life’s stresses and influences. Such resources are key in helping to prevent abuse in the future.

2. One Day at a Time – One thing you’ll learn about recovering from addiction is that it doesn’t happen overnight. Cravings, temptations, and circumstances will arise that can make sober living a lot more challenging. The trick is to remember the tools provided to you while in rehab and to take it one day at a time. Eventually, sober living becomes the easier choice.

3. Talk to Your Doctor – If you happen to be addicted to substances such as prescription painkillers it is important to speak with your doctor. They should know of your addiction so that they can closely monitor the type of medications prescribed to you in the future. When your doctor is informed, they can take the necessary precautions to help you heal from any physical ailments without the dependency on medications.

4. Kick Other Substances – If you’re struggling with drug addiction, you’re going to need to kick other substances as well. This can include drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, or the use of recreational drugs. When consuming more than one harmful substance at a time you “amplify” the high therefore doing more damage to your neurological pathways. To truly beat an addiction you’ll need to rid yourself of all bad habits.

5. Avoid Triggers – Triggers are events or items that might tempt you into using again. You’ll want to avoid these by all means to minimize the chance of relapsing. Get rid of things like ashtrays, lighters, cigarette packs, and whatever else might remind you of your bad habit. If you need to remove certain people from your life in order to remain on the straight and narrow, you should do so as negative influences can easily trigger a relapse.

6. Find a Hobby – To please the “pleasure center” of the brain, it is ideal to find an activity that makes you happy. This can essentially create the same euphoria that your addiction once did. Whether you decide to start exercising or you join a book club. Having something to do that you enjoy will give you satisfaction, increase your level of happiness, thus decreasing the desires to abuse harmful substances.

7. Get a Sponsor – Accountability can often be a great solution for overcoming addiction. You can join a support group and work with a sponsor who will help you stay on the straight and narrow. From accompanying you to meetings to checking in on you throughout the week, you’ll find comfort in having someone on your side as you try to live a more sober life.

Give your baby the best start possible by beating addiction and remaining sober. The road to recovery will require professional and personal support but is a task that can be accomplished. Smoking cigarettes, using marijuana, abusing painkillers, and even drinking too much alcohol can lead to significant pregnancy complications. Removing the toxins from your body will ultimately give your baby the best possible start at life. When you’re free from addiction, it allows you to enjoy the journey of pregnancy. 



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