How to Make Sure You Get the Right Mortgage for You

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If you’re buying a house, making sure you buy the right house for your needs is so important. However, that’s not the only important part. Making sure you have a mortgage that’s right for you is important too. You’ll likely have your mortgage for quite some time, so don’t underestimate how important it is to find the right one for you. These tips can help you:

Use Your Credit History to Look Good to Lenders

Make sure you use your credit history to look good to lenders. If you don’t currently know what your credit history looks like, find out. Look at ways you can improve it. Sometimes, there can be mistakes on your credit history through no fault of your own. Fix these, and then look at other ways to improve. Are there debts you can pay off? Maybe you could take out a credit card, make a few purchases and ensure you pay them back on time. Whatever you do, make sure your credit history looks good to lenders. It will also help you to have a copy of your credit score for them to look at before you agree to do anything with them, as to many checks on your score can affect it too.

Know What Kind of Mortgage You Would Like

There are two kinds of mortgages; interest only and repayment. Make sure you know which kind you want. Bear in mind that having an interest only mortgage may not be an option for you anyway, depending on your circumstances. Plus, if you do want that option, you’ll need another plan in place to pay back your debt. With a repayment mortgage, you’re paying back the money borrowed and interest together. That’s usually the best option to go for.


Fixed or Variable Rate Mortgage?

With a fixed rate mortgage, you’ll know exactly how much you’re paying each time you make a mortgage repayment. Variable rates were once cheaper than fixed rate mortgages, but now fixed rate mortgages seem to be the cheaper option. Plus, you have the security of knowing what you’re paying out. However, it still depends on which deal is the right one for you.

Save a Lot of Money

The more money you can save up towards your deposit, the better the deal you can get. It shows lenders that you’re capable of putting money aside and makes you look more attractive to them.

Work With a Company You Can Trust

Working with a company you can trust is a really important aspect of it all too. Fellowship Home Loans could offer you a mortgage in keeping with your beliefs and ethics. Being comfortable is essential during the home buying process.

Making sure your mortgage is right for you isn’t always a simple task. You’ll need to do lots of research to find the one that suits you. It could take time. Don’t rush it! Then you can focus on finding the perfect property in the perfect location.



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