A Better Way to Paint

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My kids love to create. They are always drawing, coloring, building … and attempting to drag out any and every pot of paint we have in the house.

Now it’s not to say that I’m not okay with them painting, it’s just that I like to supervise the activity. Painting is so messy. Their clothes get dirty, the table turns into a mess, and whatever else they touch with paint on their hands ends up ruined by the time I find the paint spot.

Not any more.

When the opportunity arose to check out Kwik Stix, I was immediately interested.

kwik stix

A paint stick that dries in 90 seconds, doesn’t need water, and looks similar to a crayon so you don’t need paint brushes and the mess that comes along with them.

Count me in!!

When the paint sticks arrived, I couldn’t wait to open them.

They remind me of elementary school art class and drawing at my aunts house when I was little. Specifically of the cray-pas “crayons” that were available in both places. And these were my favorite things to draw with as a kid.

In short — these Kwik Stix are awesome. They are a very comfortable size for little hands to hold, and big hands just the same. The color goes on smoothly and I love that within a minute and half the picture is completely dry. The kids can hang up their work immediately or they can fold it up and mail it to a family member.


The colors are bright and super vibrant. I really like that the tubes look like they will last for a long time. The kids have been drawing with them almost non stop since they arrived and we still have a lot left.

Storage is easy, and they are mess free enough that we can take them with us to use in the car or at gramma’s house.

All in all, the kids were super excited to get the okay to paint whenever they wanted, and I have been very happy with the severe decrease in mess.

Visit the Kwik Stix website to learn more!


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