This is the story of a girl… that just wanted new internet service

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Let me tell you a story about a girl….

One chilly Thursday in February, a girl called her local cable company. She was interested in setting up new internet service.

After talking to a “very nice” man for 30 minutes, she picked her service, set up a time to pick up her modem for her self install, and was overjoyed to find out that her service would be turned on at the pole by the following day, Friday, by 8 pm.

She ventured out into the very cold night Friday after work to pick up said modem, only to be told by the girl at the store that her service wasn’t scheduled to be turned on until Sunday.

She was shocked and angered by this news, and the sales person at the store offered to switch her work order date from Sunday to Saturday, and encouraged her to call the cable company back.

As she left the store, the girl called customer service and got a woman on the phone. Said woman told the girl that the salesperson was mistaken, and that she would, in fact, have her service turned on by 8pm Friday night. The woman even offered to call her back at 8 to confirm that service was on.

The girl was happy. Until 8:15 rolled around and she still had no service and no phone call back.

The girl called customer service back. This time, she got a man on the phone that apologized profusely for the mix up, told her that the last girl she spoke with gave her incorrect information as the field workers stop working at 7 (and the girl spoke to her at 7:20), and he guaranteed that service would be turned on by 7pm Saturday. He even gave her his personal extension number just in case there were any problems.

The girl is annoyed, but happy to have been helped so thoroughly and is satisfied with the guarantee that it will be on the following day.

It is now Saturday at 8 pm …. the girl still has no internet service.

She once again calls customer service. They tell her she is not scheduled to have service turned on until Sunday.

She asks to be transferred to the mans extension number from the night before, only to find out that he is not working Saturday night.

She is then transferred to a new rep in the same department.

He listens to her recount everything that has happened the past few days. He apologizes for the inconvenience, and once again gives her a guarantee that her service will be on by 7pm the following day, Sunday.

She tells him that she does not believe him.

He says that he understands that completely.

He contacts his supervisor to tell him what has been going on with the girls account. He offers the girl a credit on her next bill, and assures her that his supervisor is going to look into each note on her account and speak with the reps that she spoke with about the repeated incorrect information she was given.

He promises to call on Tuesday when he comes back from his days off if her service was no turned on by Sunday, but he is confident that his guarantee will come true.

She is still skeptical, and frustrated, but gets off the phone without the option of a better resolution.

So now it is midday Sunday. The girl called first thing this morning to confirm that there was actually a work order out for her residence today. She was assured that there was.

And now she waits.

For the sake of all involved, she sincerely hopes that her service is turned on by 7pm tonight, as she is very sick of using her cell phone as a hot spot for her computer.



It’s on!! The girls internet is finally on.

All is now right in her world 🙂


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