Great Tips That Will Prevent The Bed Bugs From Biting

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The last thing anyone wants when they go to bed is to share that bed with a four-legged visitor. The very idea of sleeping in a bed infested with bed bugs is enough to send shivers down your spine. But, that nightmare is a reality for some people. Bed bugs are hard to keep away because they can transfer from one location to another in the blink of an eye. Plus, they are small and hard to tell they are even there. Here are a few tips that will stop them from being a health hazard.
Inspect Your Hotel Room

Although you may not have them at home, you may come across them in another location. The most common is a hotel room. Hotels are places where strangers from around the world come to stay, so the odds are bringing something is high. The result is that they may leave a nasty little critter waiting for you on your hotel bed. All you have to do then is go home and, voila, your home is infected. To negate this, take a good look at the mattress before you lie down. You are looking for the bugs themselves or for brown spots as they are a tell-tale sign they are around.

 Don’t Bring Them Home

If you do wake up with bites on your body, you need to think carefully about your next move. The last thing you want to do is take them home with you, so you need a contingency plan. The best thing to do is to unpack your suitcase outside of your home when you arrive back. Bunch all of the clothes together and wash them at a high temperature. The heat is a brilliant way to kill off bugs because their bodies can’t stand the temperature. Finally, disinfect your suitcase to kill off any bugs that may still be around. For more information on bed bugs, follow the link.

Bed Bugs Or Mosquitoes?

Although you may think you have bed bugs, it could just as easily be mosquitos. After all, mosquitos feed on blood and leave bite marks. You don’t want to overreact and call in the exterminator if there is no need, but you also don’t want to miss the warning signs. To tell them apart, look for the subtle signs. Bed bugs, for example, tend to leave clusters of bites in the same area as there are more of them. Also, they tend to occur where the body is uncovered. Mosquitoes have long, sharp noses that can pierce clothing, so they don’t need to concentrate on the exposed areas.

When To Call The Pros?

There may come a point where you want to call the exterminator because you feel that is your only move. The question is not to call the exterminator, but when to call him? You want to be proactive and do it as soon as you seen the signs. Otherwise, it may be too late.

Hopefully, you don’t have to deal with bed bugs. If you do, these tips will come in handy


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