Best Baby Gifts

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If you are surrounded by friends who have just started having kids or are currently pregnant, the amount of stuff they need can be confusing and overwhelming. Do you need a wipes warmer? What’s a Diaper Genie? What can we buy them that won’t be clutter, but will also be something that the parents and their kids can enjoy? That’s where we come in – with this gift guide, you can be sure to find something for new parents, whether they already had the kids, or are expecting soon.
Gift Cards Galore

The first thing any new parent will tell you about, besides how adorable their babies are, is how much diapers cost, and how much of a mess their babies make with them. So if you are really and truly completely out of ideas, a gift card to stores like, or Babies R Us, will be received by new parents with welcome and relief that it’s not another onesie that their child has already gotten too big for.

Playmats Are Lovely And Practical

Get your friends’ kids some imaginative playmats. The babies can use them for tummy time, and exploring as they learn how to sit and stand. They should be easy to clean and maintain, portable, and you can find uniquely patterned ones at places like Gilt City.

Happiest Baby On The Block

For new parents, one of the biggest mysteries to solve is what to do when their baby cries. Luckily for new parents, Dr. Harvey Karp has come up with a great solution for them, with his Happiest Baby series. From newborns to toddlers, Dr. Karp provides expert advice on everything from colicky babies to stopping tantrums. Get them the DVDs and the books, so that the parents can watch and learn directly how to swaddle their baby and rock them to soothe them.

Food Containers

As babies get older, they will be eating more solid foods, but in smaller proportions. Moms and dads will need food containment options. Many parents these days are making a huge effort to avoid BPA and plastics, so sturdy mini containers like the Wean Green glass cubes are great practical choices. Another great option is to pick stainless steel containers, which do have the advantage of being less prone to breakage.

Baby Board Books

Get your friends’ kids off to a great educational start with some solid baby board books. It’s never too early to start reading to your kids. Studies have shown that kids whose parents read to them will do better later on in school and in life. Baby board books are great because they can take a lot of abuse and saliva, as baby starts to chew and play with them. There are a ton of options, but we especially love Charley Harper’s line art, Susan Goldman Rubin’s educational series on art masters like Magritte and Matisse, and tongue-in-cheek ones like HTML for Babies.

Towels & Napkins

New parents are forever cleaning up messes for their kids. If they hate having to resort to wipes or paper towels every time, which can get expensive, treat them to a nice big stack of mini-towels or washcloths, which can be used for years.



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