Paving The Way For New Standards Of Excellence In Private Schooling

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Private institutions of education have held a distinguished place in the fabric of American society since the earliest days of this country. However, since the recent days of controversy concerning the Common Core mandate, the perceived disparity between the standards and values offered by private and public schools has once more come between the cross hairs of public opinion.

The Search For A Way Forward Beyond Partisan Political Divides

This division is the focus of much partisan bickering between the Republican and Democratic parties, as well as the particular bugbear of a quite vocal segment of public and private educators themselves. The goal of all educational facilities in America, both private and public, should always be to make students competitive with those in other parts of the world. Although this essential focus is agreed upon by representatives on all sides of the debate, the methods by which the educational system arrives at this result are often violently disagreed upon.

Regardless Of Your Political Stance, Private Schools Have Much To Offer

It should be admitted by even the staunchest advocates of universal public schooling that, regardless of the political stance one takes concerning the eventual results of such an education, private schools do have much to offer the upcoming generation of American business, political, and cultural leaders. In fact, private schools promise to have an influential and long lasting effect on the American school system as a whole.

Partnership Between Private Schools Is An Encouraging Development

The work being done by Elizabeth English Archer at NOLS is an excellent, if by no means uncommon, example of the sort of rich and productive activity that is ongoing at many private educational facilities. Other private facilities, both secular and parochial, have likewise produced excellent results.

Meanwhile, some schools are partnering in order to increase their effectiveness. These new found collaborations between various private educational institutions are an encouraging development in the ongoing history of schooling in the United States. It is important that such collaborations be allowed to continue, because they provide the educational system with a great deal of knowledge gained through valuable experience.

Private Schools Are Engaging In The Search For New Educational Standards

While much of this new found mutual aid and cooperation has come as the result of an ongoing search for a viable alternative to Common Core educational methods, it is nonetheless true that the search has produced extremely promising results. Perhaps the most interesting contemporary result of such efforts has been the recent emphasis on reevaluating and reshaping the modern education of girls. Many new private schools have appeared in the United States that are focused on the task of educating girls in the light of recent social victories won on their behalf by committed activists.

Private Schools Are A Significant Sector Of The Social Landscape

Although no one can state with precision what the future of private institutions of education in the United States will be, it is reasonably certain that they will continue to be a significant sector of the social and cultural landscape of this nation for many years to come. The ongoing struggle for the soul of the American educational system will thus continue to be a relevant factor in the evolution of our society.


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