You Bet I Wear my prAna Pants 7 Days a Week #7DayStretch

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Okay — I will be the first to admit it. I love jeans. Pants of any kind really. I have never been much of a skirt or dress kind of girl (well, unless you could my preschool years, but that was a long, long time ago…).

And not just any pants will do — they have to be super comfortable and look like a tried, at least a little.

I can admit it, I used to live in yoga pants.

But now that I wear scrub pants (hello comfort!) to work 5 days a week, I like to look a little bit more put together at night and on the weekends.

Enter prAna

prana pants

When I was asked to wear a super stylish pair of pants from prAna for 7 days straights, I am not gonna lie – I jumped on the opportunity. I immediately fell in love with about 5 different styles of pants that they offer, and I definitely plan on purchasing more in the very near future.

I finally decided that my week-long love affair with a pair of pants would be with the Halle Pant.

First of all, I am a sucker for any pair of pants that come in a TALL size. All my tall girls know it – quality and cute tall pants are hard to find.


The Halle Pant immediate drew me in for a few reasons. The main being I loved the cut and colors available. I opted for a dark gray because it would go with everything else I own, but I have to admit — I was really tempted by the teal and the olive green.

The Halle Pant is described as being

Durable, moisture managing, water resistant, and reinforced at the knees, the versatile prAna Halle Pant is prepared for mountain hikes, desert bouldering, and anything else you can throw at it. Your imagination will limit you before the Halle ever does.

And they aren’t wrong. Not only can it be worn as a super cute boot cut pant, but you can also convert it into a pair of capris that would be perfect for hiking, boating or anything else you wanted to get into.

Don’t even get me started on the fabulous material!

halle pant

Soft, yet strangely durable, the Halle Pant is made with Stretch ‘Zion’ performance woven with a durable water repellent (DWR) finish. These pants can really stand up to all that life (and parenthood) can throw at them. Normally, I look like a mess with something spilled on me within minutes of getting ready, but these pants still looked good right on through until the end of the week.

I also liked that they didn’t get all stretched out like jeans typically do after the second wear. Yes, these were not as form fitting by the end of the week, but they didn’t look like I had been wearing them for days on end either.

All in all, I was very impressed by the high quality of these pants, and yes — they washed up beautifully as well!

Interested in taking the 7 Day Stretch challenge for yourself?? Head on over to the prAna website and check out all the stylish and functional items they have to offer!


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