Is it time to take off the glasses?

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If you wear glasses, you may find them very useful, but chances are that in some situations, you also find them very annoying. They can be uncomfortable to wear, especially when it’s hot. They can fall off your face when you move your head around, a nuisance if you’re the sporty type. They get steamed up in cold weather and accumulate dirt all the time; they’re also vulnerable to breaking, they get tangled in long hair and they’re awkward to combine with other eyewear like safety goggles or 3D cinema glasses. If you’re sick of the hassle, could it be time to give them up? What are your alternatives?

A brand new look

Over the last few years, glasses have been very much in fashion. There’s no denying that they look great on some people, but they also dominate the face. When wearing glasses – especially if you own just one or two pairs – you lose the ability to change your look to go with different outfits or suit different social situations. Without them, you’ll look like a completely different person. You might still opt to wear them some of the time, but having the freedom to choose feels fantastic.

Contact lenses: yes or no?

When most people think about giving up glasses, the first alternative that springs to mind is contact lenses. There are pros and cons to these, and whether or not they’ll work for you will depend on the kind of person you are. Using contact lenses safely requires you to be a fairly diligent, organized person with the patience to go through careful cleaning routines. You’ll need to be prepared to pay a bit more money for them than you would for glasses, and you’ll need to be comfortable placing them on the surface of your eye, though this is something you’ll get used to over time.

You won’t need to have problem-free eyes, however, as the many different types of contact lenses now out there means there’s something to suit almost everybody. They’re very comfortable to wear, they’ll give you amazing all round vision, and despite what people say, they very rarely fall out. You can even get tinted ones to change or enhance the color of your eyes.

Laser eye surgery

If you’re looking for a long-term solution so that you won’t have to worry about glasses or contacts anymore, laser eye surgery could be the solution. You’ll need healthy eyes to be a suitable candidate, but you can get a free Lasik consultation in Toronto to find out if the procedure would work for you. Surgery like this is a painless experience, and you won’t need to stay overnight in a hospital. You’ll have improved vision straight away, and you’ll never need glasses again.

If you’re getting frustrated with your glasses, you don’t need to put up with it. Both contact lenses and laser eye surgery are much more affordable than they used to be and have the potential to transform your life. The only thing you need to decide is when to make it happen.


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