10 Ways to Save Money Around the House

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Everybody wants to save more money. Most of the time, though, we look for ways to save money when we go out. We look for discounts on movie tickets, we buy second hand clothing to wear to work and out for evenings on the town. But what if we told you that there were lots of things that you could do to save money right in your own home? It’s true!

Here are the ten best ways to save money around the house:

  1. Turn Off the Lights!

This is particularly easy during the spring and summer months, when it stays light out late into the evening. Just open your blinds and let the natural light do the work for you! Beyond that, only turn on a light when you are actually using it. Leaving the lights on when you leave the room is a huge energy (and money) drain on your wallet!

  1. Unplug Everything!

Did you know that, even when appliances and machines are turned off, they can leach power from the grid? Over time those little amounts of power add up! You can save money by simply unplugging everything that you are not actively using. You can make this even simpler by plugging everything into a power strip.

  1. Bundle Your Services

Television, cable, internet, phone, DVR–these services become much cheaper when you bundle them together. For example, it’s possible to get DirecTV packages that include hundreds of channels, internet service, DVR service, and more, starting at around $50. Even if you can’t get DirecTV in your neighborhood, we’re willing to bet you can cut your bill by at least a third if you bundle everything together under one service plan.

  1. DiY Fix-It

While, yes, you want to leave the major repairs to the pros, you can fix a lot of little stuff yourself. You can fix loose handles, doorknobs and even minor plumbing repairs all for the cost of a screw driver or maybe a few small parts.

  1. DiY Decorating

Never hire someone to paint the inside of your house for you or decorate for you! You can paint and decorate yourself, for a fraction of the cost of hiring a pro. Thanks to sites like Pinterest, there are now tutorials for how to create any look you want with just a few bucks for supplies and a weekend’s worth of free time! Plus, getting crafty is good for the soul.

  1. Grow Your Own

Why are you spending major bucks in your grocer’s produce section? You can grow your own fruits, veggies, herbs, and spices yourself in a few containers. Even if you live in an apartment, you can grow a few herbs and spices in a window box! Pro tip? Use the seeds you find in the produce you’ve already purchased to help get your garden started!

  1. Shorter Showers

Even if you aren’t living in a drought-stricken area, taking the shortest shower possible is good for your water and your power bill. The best way to shower is to turn on the water to wet your skin, then turn it off while you’re soaping up and shampooing your hair. Turn it back on again to rinse everything off and viola! You’re done! Look at all the free time you have!

  1. Collect Rainwater

While we’re on the subject of saving water, setting up a rainwater collection system is incredibly easy and reduces your water bill by quite a lot. You can use collected rainwater (for a really robust supply, hook your collector up to your gutter system) to water plants, and for things like washing cars and the outside of your home. There are lots of great uses for gray water!

  1. Potlucks

Instead of going out for a meal with friends, why not have a potluck and stay in? Have everybody bring a dish to share and then settle in for a friendly movie night or game night. Plus, since it’s a potluck, everybody will take their dirty dishes home with them afterwards (save for whatever plates, cups and cutlery you provide) so cleanup shouldn’t be too terrible.

  1. Go out!

Wait, what? We just told you to stay in! In this instance, though, we’re not advocating expensive nights out on the town. Instead, get out during the day for family bike rides or to go hiking with friends. Go for walks or short road trips. Your town probably has way more free stuff to do than you know about. This way you’ll save money on power, water, etc while also getting in some free entertainment!

Have we missed something? What are your favorite methods for saving money at home?


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