A Very Merry Christmas and a Furry New Baby

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Wow – Christmas is over and New Years is almost here.

I honestly cannot believe it.

So much has happened – the days have been busy, the kids have been here playing like little tornadoes, it was great having family over, and we even added to our family.

Jay and I decided to have Christmas dinner here this year, and it was BUSY, but so much fun. It has been years and years since I have been able to stay home all Christmas day, and it was nice to give my kids the chance to actually play with their toys without running around like crazy.

I was a little nervous cooking for everyone — we had turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, mac and cheese, lots of snacks and some DELICIOUS Spinach Dip — but it was nice to know that I would be able to eat the food and not just have to watch everyone else enjoy it.

photo 2_opt

V was at her dads Christmas morning, and E woke up at 6 am. Thankfully, he was super good and waited for her to get home to open most of the gifts. I did let him open his basket, and one gift. He had about 6 that Santa left unwrapped, so between all those and the one he opened, he was happy to wait for his big sister 🙂

We did get an early Christmas gift — the dog that we wanted to adopt was ready to come up early!!

Our newest addition is a super sweet mama dog named Rosalie.

photo 4_opt

She is tiny little thing, weighing in at 30lbs, and is just a sweetheart. We got her from PAWS – which is the same rescue that Jasper came from, and everyone (animals included) are just in love with her.

She does have some medical issues that we have to get taken care of ASAP – namely her leg. We knew that she had an old leg injury and had a bit of a limp. When she arrived on the 22nd, we thought that maybe she was sore from riding in the transport for 2 days (she was originally from down south) but when we saw how much she was favoring the leg we knew that the vet needed to check it out further.

We took her in on Wednesday and she had some x-rays done. The doctors were shocked by her leg — and Jay and I, along with everyone that I spoke with about it, were just beside ourselves with the injury. My poor baby must’ve been hit by a car and to say her leg did not heal right would be a total understatement.


The bone healed sideways and actually pokes out near her tail. They were amazed that she could get up on furniture, walk up and down stairs, and jump up to give us hugs. They also told us that if she broke it again (which was a huge possibility because of how it healed) it would possible break through the skin.

They do think she is in some pain, and we have some medicine just in case we think she needs it. So far, she seems okay, but we are really trying to keep her calm.

All in all, it has been a great holiday week. We have loved getting to know Rosalie and the kids have been really enjoying playing games and hanging out together 🙂

We are getting ready for New Years Eve – both kids are excited to stay up late, eat tons of snacks, and sleep in a tent. It should be a really fun night!!

How was your holiday? What are your New Years Eve plans?



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