Awesome Stocking Stuffer for Girls and Boys!

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With the holidays fast approaching, I have been keeping my eye out for some great products. A few months ago, I discovered Mungi Bands and not only do I think they are super cool, but V LOVES them!

Mungi (pronounced moon-gee) Bands are jewelry with a twist. Each band section has a magnet on the ends, making it easy to customize and create the perfect look. They can be strung together to make a bracelet, necklace, anklet, or anything else your child can think of — they can even be hung on a book bag or bike.

There are a variety of designs for both boys and girls, and they are perfect for trading and sharing with friends!

When I first gave them to V, I was a little nervous that they would fall apart while she was wearing them. I was very pleasantly surprised. The magnets hold nice and tight, but not too tight. They are perfect. My daughter can put the jewelry on and off by herself, and it holds nice and tight while she plays, runs, jumps… even sleeps!

photo 1_opt

My silly girl :)

My silly girl 🙂

Many of her friends have commented on how much they like them – and I have sent their parents in the right direction to find them. V has two sets; the Dancing Princess set and the 70s set. Both are so cute, but I really like the ones from the 70s!

photo 1_opt

Her favorite two bands 🙂

My son has also been enjoying a set of these. He just likes stringing them all together, and tends to run off with V’s while she is at school. He uses them to decorate all types of things — from V’s dolls, to his play house, and even the dog!

These are perfect for kids ages 8 and up, but I found that my daughter really loves them, even through she is a bit young based on their age recommendations.

{I was provided with a complimentary product to review. All opinions expressed are my own and 100% honest}


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