Eco Princess – All Natural and Organic Play Makeup Set

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My daughter is a super girly girl. Any chance to wear a dress, pretty shoes and makeup and she moves as fast as superwoman (yet ask her to clean her room and its like she is learning how to walk all over again!).

She gets super excited anytime I agree to let her into my makeup drawer — getting all dolled up is one her favorite things to do.

I have thought about getting her some of her own makeup for a long time, but I have hesitated. Lately it has been because of my soy allergy. I was shocked to learn what I was putting onto my body when I wore makeup, and I did not want her covering herself with these chemicals and funky additives at such a young age.

When I heard about Eco Princess I was very intrigued.

I learned awhile ago to not believe that a product is “natural” or “good for you” without really digging a bit deeper and looking at all of the ingredients. I am happy to say that I was very pleased with what I found when I checked them out. Each product is packed full of natural and organic ingredients, no GMOs, and the mineral makeup is even vegan.

When the makeup set arrived, I couldn’t believe how cute it was! It comes packaged in a soft, handmade purse that will be used over and over again in pretend play. The makeup inside was very pretty – a light, shimmery lip gloss, bright eye-shadows, and a nail polish that will go with everything. Plus there are two eye shadow applicators making it easy for two little girls to get “ready” together.

Eco Princess is easy for little girls to put on and to clean up afterwards! No staining (a BIG plus) and my daughter loves that it looks just like my makeup.

This is a must have item for any little girl that loves to play dress up!

{This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. I received items from Eco Princess for the purpose of this review.}


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