September is Self Improvement Month!

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One thing that I have been focusing on a bit more lately is myself. It is weird to say, and even weirder to type out … but I have been trying to make some positive changes in my life for nobody else but me.

I guess sometimes you just have to focus on yourself a bit, ya know?

September is Self-Improvement Month

While I try to focus on self improvement on a daily basis, this month has been a big life changer for me. I found out that I had a soy allergy, I started really paying attention to what I was eating and the products that I was using, and I made health and fitness a much bigger priority for myself.

I also realized that for my mental well being (including my sanity and outlook) that I needed to let go of the things that I can’t change, and I need to accept that, and make the best of it when I can.

So far this month, I have really started to get the hang of clean eating, learning how to recognize hidden soy in food items, and I have lost 11 pounds (woo-hoo!). I am still working on de-stressing myself… I have been having anxiety over many things lately, and this is a big hurdle that I have to overcome.

I am very proud of the health and fitness improvements that I have made, and I look forward to the spirit and motivation of self-improvement month carrying over throughout the rest of the year!

Self-Improvement Month and Coolsculpting

Sometimes, it is hard to achieve the body that you want on your own. I have worked out and dieted with some great results … and still, I have some stubborn spots that I just cannot seem to whip into shape. CoolSculpting can help with that.

What is CoolSculpting?

Here’s the skinny: developed by Harvard scientists, our unique, patented, clinically proven procedure involves freezing fat cells without damage to your skin. There’s no knife. No suction hoses. No needles. No lasers, even. After your treatment, you get on with your busy day.

It’s called stubborn fat on purpose. Because no matter how much pain you put into eating healthy and exercise, there’s no gain. It’s virtually impossible to lose that muffin top and those love handles. You’re forced to just live with them or think surgery. Which is not cool by us, and exactly why we developed CoolSculpting®.

Win with CoolSculpting

In honor of Self-Improvement Month, CoolSculpting is hosting a Self-Improvement Instant-Win Challenge asking participants to make one small pledge on how they will improve their health and fitness routine this month for a chance to win one of 10 instant win $50 Amazon e-cards or the grand prize of a $500 American Express Gift Card.

Ready to check out the Instant Win Challenge and share your self improvement pledge? Head over to the CoolSculpting Facebook Page and enter now 🙂

{Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for CoolSculpting by ZELTIQ. All thoughts and opinions are my own and 100% honest.}


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