LeapFrog Touch Magic Musician Party!

My kids are super musical. They are constantly singing and dancing, and more then once, they have made their own instruments to “rock out” on. When we were given the opportunity to have a LeapFrog Touch Magic “Rock N Learn” party, I knew it would be perfect!

We decided to have a poolside party – after all, most rock starts spend their leisure time lounging by the pool, right?! The big kids had a blast swimming, while the little ones couldn’t get enough of the Rock N Learn products.

E loved the guitar, but was being a bit shy. Every time I tried to get a picture of him using it, he would turn around or put it down. I decided to stop trying because he was having so much fun that I didn’t want to keep interrupting him.

His cousin, B, didn’t mind me taking his photo though!! He loved playing the guitar, and spent a decent amount of time playing the keyboard as well. I really loved when everyone was playing together – the bigger kids even came over and helped the little ones sing the songs 🙂

We had some super easy food laid out buffet style. Each “Rock Star” got to pick their own pizza toppings for their mini pizzas, and there were sandwiches, veggies, and lots of fruit. We had some great chocolate star pops for dessert!

All in all, everyone had a great time! My kids have been rockin’ out whenever they can since the party. They love these easy to hold and play, and easy to bring with us toys.

{I was selected to host a LeapFrog Party as part of a promotional program. All opinions are my own.}



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