5 Best Movies According to V

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When V saw that I was sharing E’s 5 top movie pics for this month, she wanted to pick her favorites as well 🙂

So here are HER top pics for all 5 year old girls {plus she shares two that she says are good for her and E to watch together}.

1.) Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom Movie – V has been so into Winx Club since she first saw their show. She loves everything about it, and has been begging for the dolls for her birthday. When we got this movie she was beyond thrilled. The Secret of the Lost Kingdom is her favorite on the DVD, but she also really likes to watch the 7 bonus episodes!

2.) Barbie Movies – Any and all Barbie movies are at the top of the list! V just loves them and we have a huge collection. There isn’t one that stands out above the others as she watches them in a pretty even rotation.

3.) Nickelodeon: Big Time Movie and Rags Double Feature – This is by far, her favorite TV Movie DVD. She loves Big Time Rush {her first boy band “crush”} and she gets right into the story line and great music. Rags is a Cinderella story, but with a twist. Because in this version, “Cinderella” is a boy with a great singing voice. I actually really like both of these movies. BTR has tons of Beatles songs, and the music on Rags is very catchy. I find myself singing songs from both long after the movie is over.

4.) Angelina Ballerina: Dreams Do Come True – V is very into Angelina Ballerina, and this is her new favorite movie from the series. With an inspiring message to “Reach for the stars and follow your heart”, how I can not like her watching this? She loves to dance along with Angelina, and the story line is great. Plus there is a bonus Sing and Dance with Angelina game.

5.) iCarly the Complete 4th Season – While V is a big iCarly fan, she loves the movie because it is much more than that. It also has 5 bonus How To Rock episodes that she loves! What it really boils down to, is she gets “2” movies to her brother’s one 🙂 Filled with lots of great episodes, this is a fun 2 disk DVD set.

Now for her “Bonus” picks {which she says are really movies that are for her and her brother, so it doesn’t count as her “real” pick 🙂 }

1.) Dora’s Fantastic Gymnastics Adventure – My kids both really love Dora and this movie doesn’t disappoint! Dora must go on an adventure to get her special rainbow ribbon back from Swiper to start the big Gymnastics Show! Full of fun, and two bonus episodes.

2.) Dora’s Rescue in Mermaid Kingdom – V has been a long time fan of any mermaid movie, and this is the second Dora Mermaid movie to make her personal favorites list! Dora is back in the water on a great adventure to get her new mermaid friend Maribel back to her mommy in Mermaid Cove. I am not a huge Dora fan, but I did find this episode very entertaining. Plus the kids love that there are 2 bonus episodes on this DVD as well.

Well, there you have it – her five seven picks for this month! Have you seen any of these?

What are you 5 year olds favorite movies/DVDs?

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