101 – slightly random – things about me!

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I first saw this idea on My Organized Chaos and I just loved it. I have wanted to make my own list for a while, but I have finally decided to get to it! So here it is… 101 – slightly random – things about me!

  1. I always said that I would never get married….
  2. But I just got engaged!
  3. And shhh! – I am really excited about it 🙂
  4. I am 27 years old
  5. and pink is still my favorite color.
  6. I am a total bookworm – I would read all day if I could.
  7. Harry Potter is frequently watched and read in my house
  8. So is Twilight…
  9. Team Edward all the way!!
  10.  I do NOT like needles…
  11.  But I have three tattoos and multiple piercings.
  12.  I am a total jeans and t-shirt kind of girl,
  13.  and I love a great pair of heals.
  14.  I always have my sunglasses with me
  15.  I have worn glasses since the first grade
  16.  But I prefer contacts.
  17.  I would really like to get the laser eye treatment done, but I am too chicken.
  18.  I am a HUGE Johnny Depp fan
  19.  I love getting my teeth cleaned.
  20.  My hair is naturally brown, with some red and blond tones to it…
  21.  But I love being a red head!
  22.  I have tons of freckles that I used to despise,
  23.  I like them now – they make me unique.
  24.  I currently drive a mini van
  25.  But I used to drive a sports car. (oh how I miss you, Civic Si)
  26.  I love medieval history
  27.  And I am fascinated with the Tudor family.
  28.  I have four pets — 3 cats and a dog.
  29.  Oh, and two fish! We are an animal loving family
  30.  I dislike going to the mall – and hardly ever shop there
  31.  I love to take pictures….
  32.  I take so many that my kids will hide when I take out the camera!
  33.  I recently purchased my first DSLR camera and I am in love it – I will never go back to just a point and shoot!
  34.  I like to watch SpongeBob SquarePants with my kids…
  35.  And I also enjoy iCarly and Victorious.
  36.  I don’t watch much TV in general, but I always watch The Vampire Diaries…
  37.  And the Secret Circle…
  38.  And The Challenge on MTV.
  39.  I listen to all kinds of music …
  40.  except for metal and hard core….
  41.  … Pop and Punk are my favorites.
  42.  But I do enjoy the oldies and country every now and again!
  43.  One of my dreams is to travel the world.
  44.  I really want to visit Europe..
  45.  And would love the opportunity to live in multiple states.
  46.  I have always loved to write, and want to publish a book one day.
  47.  But I have not yet figured out what it will be about.
  48.  My newest obsession is Hollywood Heights … I really just cannot get enough of that show.
  49.  We have been house hunting for MONTHS …
  50.  And I have found out that Jay and I have completely different opinions about what the “perfect house” consists of.
  51.  My dad passed away when I was 17, and I still miss him terribly.
  52.  After a rocky patch when I was a teenage, I am thankfully very close to my mom …
  53.  And to my step dad 🙂
  54.  I am the youngest of 9!
  55.  I have 4 step brothers, 2 step sisters, and 2 half sisters.
  56.  But I grew up mostly as an “only child” having no siblings that lived with me.
  57.  And I loved it!
  58.  I love to swim…
  59.  But only in a pool.
  60.  Well, maybe in the ocean, too.
  61.  When I was younger, I wanted to be a Marine Biologist.
  62.  I am still in love with the ocean and the amazing animals that live in it.
  63.  I also wanted to sing, dance, act, and marry a Backstreet Boy.
  64.  I have zero talent when it comes to doing my hair.
  65.  So I typically wear my hair in a pony, or sloppy bun.
  66.  Sometimes I straighten it, but that is the extent of my “skills”.
  67.  I would love to have ringlets in my hair – they are so pretty!
  68.  I also really want extensions, but I am too nervous to get them put in.
  69.  {I am haunted by the picture of Britney Spears shaving hers off!}
  70.  I loath doing the dishes …
  71.  But I cannot stand how other people (AKA Jay) load the dishwasher.
  72.  Laundry is my nemesis
  73.  But like above – I cannot stand when/how Jay does it!
  74.  I do really like that Jay loves to clean though …
  75.  So in the grand scheme of things, laundry and dishes aren’t too bad.  {But shhh – don’t tell ANYONE that I said that!}
  76.  I love listening to the rain ….
  77.  And to thunder and lightning storms.
  78.  Winter is my least favorite season.
  79.  But I will admit – I get super excited when it is cold enough to start wearing boots!
  80.  Fall is my favorite season …
  81.  … I love all the beautiful colors of Autumn.
  82.  I love holiday decorations.
  83.  Especially Halloween and Christmas ones.
  84.  I always had a real tree growing up
  85.  But we usually do a fake one.
  86.  I love video games ….
  87.  And own 4 Nintendo systems (Super Nintendo, Game Cube, Wii and a DS)
  88.  It is a close tie for my favorite between the Super Nintendo and the Wii.
  89.  I am a Mario fanatic!
  90.  I love to dance!
  91.  Homemade Mac and Cheese is my favorite comfort food.
  92.  I cannot make it through the day without at least 2 cups of coffee!
  93.  I have three favorite numbers : 3, 7 and 21
  94.  Direct sales are not for me.
  95.  I do not like to speak in front of large groups of people
  96.  I am very shy when I meet new people…
  97.  But once you get to know me I am pretty loud and always talking.
  98.  I love purses – and have a huge collection.
  99.  I also have a slight sweater obsession …
  100.  … I have 25 that I keep in my dresser drawers all year long.
  101.  My eyes are my favorite feature.

Whew!! It was much harder then I thought it would be to come up with 101 facts about me 🙂

What are some random facts about YOU? I’d love to hear them!!


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