That’s Right … He’s Super Puppy! {How Great is Your Dog? Pro Plan Video Contest}

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Last week, I told you a bit about what makes my pup, Jasper, great. His exuberance, goofiness and lovable personality are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his awesomeness (can you tell I am a proud furry-baby mommy??).

What really makes him a great dog is how he is with his “siblings”… And yes, by siblings I am talking about V and E 🙂

Jasper waiting for V to get home from school in his favorite spot — the bottom of her bed 🙂

For a very long time, bedtime was terrible in our house. V is afraid of the dark, and tends to have trouble sleeping because of nightmares. She would have a few a week, and wake up terrified and very hard to console. When we first got Jasper, all she wanted was for him to sleep in her room.

But, it took him a while to get brave enough to sleep in there.

My cats were (and still are) the “kings of the castle” and they would chase him out of her room any time he went in. They deemed it their territory and really wanted to keep him out.

One night, he worked up the courage to go into her room and sleep with her … she was calling for him to come in as she was falling asleep… and he has never looked back. The bottom of her bed is now his all time favorite sleeping spot.

And V … she LOVES it.

The number of nightmares she has went way, way down after Jasper started sleeping in there. He makes her brave, and they both just love to cuddle with each other all night long.

Jasper is just an amazing pup – and he has really helped V with her night time terrors.

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What makes’ your dog great?

{I was compensated for this sponsored post made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. For additional information and full contest entry details and rules, please visit the Pro Plan YouTube channel.}


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