Getting into the Pastel Wedding Groove

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I have been getting busy planning my wedding, and I am loving some of these ideas and tips!! Planning your wedding? Check out this awesome guest post!:

Getting into the Pastel Wedding Groove

Yes, summer is already upon us, but it is never too late to delve into your dream summer wedding plans whether it is this summer or next. Pastels are all the rage this summer. What better, and more fitting theme for a summer wedding? From stunning pastel colored flower arrangements to pastel bridal-party-wear to neutral and light colored tableware, a summer wedding ruled by pastels will be romantic, dreamy, and simply unforgettable. The white or cream colors are reserved strictly for the bride, but all of the other pastels are up for grabs. So, where to begin?


Other than the bride, the flowers are what first meet one’s eyes upon entering a wedding hall, tent, or any other wedding venue. Especially when talking about a summer wedding, flowers play a central role.  Generally flowers include the theme color and are combined with appropriate secondary colors.  In this case, the flowers should be the “wedding color” and paired with a suitable pastel color or colors. Between the flowers, the clothing, as well as several other elements, the wedding will give off the perfect summery and pastel vibe.


Bridesmaids often dread the dresses or even the color that the bride has chosen for them.  This is even truer when pastels are involved, but it doesn’t have to be.  With today’s more modern-styled dresses, bridesmaids can look like supermodels in their dresses.  When going for pastel dresses, it is best to keep it sleek and simple, sticking with flattering and sleek fabrics, and staying far away from extra embellishments and appliques. One thing that is important to bear in mind is that the same pastel shade that is right for one skin tone is not right for another.  It might be worthwhile to integrate several shades of the same color in order to accommodate those who have fairer skin or those with a darker and more tanned complexion. The beauty of pastels is that the shades blend in to each other so nicely.

Tablecloths, Runners, and Napkins

They may just cover the tables we eat on, and are covered in tableware anyway; nevertheless tablecloths and runners, as well as napkins also have a part in a wedding.  Aside from the flower arrangements that appear everywhere from the dance floor, to the banisters, to the canopy, to the tables, the color of the tablecloths catches the eye as well and must blend in with the color theme seen in the flowers, dresses, and so forth. Unlike other central details of the wedding, the tablecloths and such can and should display more neutral colors, or similar colors, but lower key.  Meaning, the tablecloths should not shout out “look at me,” but rather, should blend in naturally and subtly.

Engagement and Wedding Rings

Engagement rings and wedding bands are often bought in sets, but whether they are bought together, separately, or bought with the other ring in mind they should go together in some way or another. Those looking for simple wedding bands may have an easier time matching the two. However, those, for instance, who would like to include the pastel theme by going for colored diamonds rather than plain colorless diamonds, should have an idea in mind beforehand so that their colored engagement ring goes perfectly with the colored diamond wedding ring and the whole color style of the ceremony. Colored diamonds come in a wide range of colors and prices, depending greatly on the size, quality, and of course, the color intensity. Luckily for those looking for colored diamonds with more of a pastel color, the colored diamond family contains over 230 color combinations.  What better way to complete a pastel themed wedding than with pastel colored diamond engagement ring and wedding band? The bride, and the groom, can choose from faint and very light to light and fancy light pink, green, grey, champagne or a nice fancy yellow diamond along with any other colors and shades. It is no doubt that these rings will be quite the hit, along with the others aspects of the pastel-themed wedding.


For the women, it is all about the nude-colored pumps, whether they are patent leather, suede, or leather. These classic pumps make a perfect choice for a summery pastel dress or gown, regardless of its length.  However, there are always those who prefer to do the matching thing and desire a pair of shoes that perfectly complements their getup. In these cases it is preferred to have shoes custom made in order to get the exact shade, otherwise the result will be tacky and a complete miss.  Pastel pink, violet, blue, peach, and yellow; these pastel shoes will not go unnoticed and will play a role in the pastel-themed wedding.


While pastel blue and pastel pink tuxedos might be slightly outdated, there is no objection to lighter tuxedos such as light grey or beige.  If this is gesture is too bold for your taste, there is always the option of incorporating pastel colored bowties, ties, and/or vests for the male bridal party members. Though the contrast of black tuxedos and pastel colored bridesmaid dresses could look fabulous, there’s nothing that says summer wedding more than a fully pastel-decked-out bridal party. Set against a pastoral backdrop with trees, flowers, or a waterfront, the pictures will turn out absolutely stunning and angelic.

There is something rather enchanting about a wedding dripping in pastel accents. It has a whole different feel than a bold colored wedding. The lighter colors are more suitable for the warm weather and long days, and are extremely fashionable at the moment to top it off. Nevertheless, in order to pull off the ultimate pastel-themed summer wedding, every detail needs to be considered.  All of the effort and thought put into the wedding planning will definitely pay off.  The final result will surely be magnificent, elegant, and truly memorable.

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