What’s For Lunch Today?

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My kids like a fairly elaborate lunch. Especially V. She is not satisfied with just a simple PB&J … she wants me to get creative with her lunch all the time. I really struggled with packing her school lunches because of her request for new lunches each day.

Thankfully, I had some help!

MOMables takes all of the work out of planning lunches!

Each week, you can download a new menu (complete with shopping list!) from the MOMables website. This affordable subscription saved me so much time, stress, and answered the daily question of “Mom, what’s for lunch today?!”

The weekly menu, recipes and shopping list can be printed out so that you have it in hand when you are planning out your weekly shopping trip, cooking schedule and meals. I have never been one to plan ahead, but MOMables just made it so easy. There was nothing to think about – I just followed the shopping list! I even ended up making larger portions of some of the meals so we could have them for dinner.

I love that each of the recipes has a picture of a complete lunch. Sometimes, the hardest part for me is figuring out what to pack as the “sides”. Each photo shows a complete meal – giving me lots of ideas for what would go nicely together.

V had so many favorite lunches — and I was always surprised by which she told me she just “loved”… they were usually the lunches I was unsure if she would eat or not (she can be a little bit picky). The Strawberry Mini-Wafflewiches were an instant favorite for both kids, and quickly became the most requested repeat by both kids! I don’t mind because it is so quick and easy to make.

strawberry mini -wafflewichs

Most of the recipes you’ll make ahead of time saving precious time in the morning. There are no special gadgets needed to make your kid’s lunch, no hard-to-find ingredients, no processed food and no lengthy recipes.  MOMables™ is all about uncomplicated yet good food for your kids.  In nearly all recipes, you’ll be able to swap ingredients to accommodate for food allergies and ultra-picky eaters.  Unlike store-bought lunches, MOMables™ recipes provide kid-sized portions you can adjust based on your child’s eating needs.

I had never thought to send V with a warm lunch before, but many of the recipes included in the meal plans can be served as a “hot” lunch or at room temperature — all depending on your child’s preference. I did end up getting a thermos to use, and I was very happy to see that V liked the lunches both ways. Sometimes, she wanted the meal “hot” and other days she requested it room temp. It was great to be able to give her such a variety with the same meal.

With the school year fast approaching again (honestly, where is the summer going?!) MOMables is the perfect gift to get yourself this year! A super affordable subscription (as low as $5 a month!) you will find that it is money very well spent. Head on over to the website and check out their sample menu to really get a feel for how easy MOMables makes packing lunches.

While you are there, be sure to check out some of the recipes that are available through their blog, and the handy snack guide with 35 easy, healthy snacks!

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{I was provided with a complimentary product to review. All opinions expressed are my own and 100% honest}


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