Summer Fun Activities For Kids {Beat Summer Boredom!! 22+ Great Ideas}

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Does this sound familiar?:

“Mom! I’m bored!”

“But I don’t have any toys!”

“I already played that!”


My kids are constantly looking for new games to play and ways to beat boredom. Summer is rough for us because V is so used to the full days of school that she is always bored.

I have been trying to prepare myself for this predicament before it became a daily struggle, and thus far, I have done pretty well. One reason for my success is my secret weapon — a book called What Color is The Wind?


The book is essentially a field guide designed to get you outside enjoying nature. It gives you a variety of activities to do… all season specific! There is room on the pages to make notes, add drawing, pencil in extra ideas, or just record how one went. It has really inspired us to get out and get exploring our little piece of Earth, and I am amazed by how much the kids actually notice when they take the time to look.

We have a list of activities that we want to accomplish this summer (before we get to start the Autumn section!) and the number one on V’s list is making a fairy house out of twigs!! She cannot wait and has already started gather supplies so we have a large selection to build from.

You can purchase a copy of What Color is The Wind? from and I highly suggest you order it ASAP! It is year round fun and activities that your entire family will enjoy!!

Looking for some other fun summer activities? Here are a few ideas from some of my favorite blogs!

Do you have any super fun summer activities/crafts/ideas? I’d love to hear them!!


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