Antsy Pants Cloth Trainers

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We have been working on potty training for what seems like AGES now. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to make the switch from using pullups with the occasional cloth trainer, to using cloth trainers exclusively. E used his last pull up last weekend, and it has been all “big boy undies” since then.

While it has made our potty progress move along much more smoothly, we still have a ways to go.

So far, my favorite trainers, and E’s, have been Antsy Pants.

There are so many things to love about these brightly colored trainers:

Super soft

I absolutely love the material that these trainers are made out of. Everything that touches my son’s skin is super soft – from the performance liner that lets him feel when he goes, to the patent-pending easy-stretch sides. They are such an improvement from disposable diapers and their plastic insides.


My son is a heavy wetter. And when he has an accident it is not just a little dribble. These have been my go-to trainers for when we are out and about because the wetness stays inside them. They feature a water proof outer layer for extra protection — a feature that many cloth trainers don’t offer.

Comfortable and Cute

The bright colors are the best! Lots of green, blue, orange and yellow. E has a hard time picking which he would like to wear in the morning!

They are even colored on the inside. The liner is green – which was a huge surprise for me! Most cloth diapers and trainers that I have seen have only had white liners. While there is nothing wrong with that, I will admit that it made me very worried about stains. I really like the green – it not only looks cool, but it really helps with my {weird} stain stress.

Easy on and off

This has been the biggest help. These trainers are easy as pie for E to put on and pull up and down by himself. He is one independent little guy, and gets very frustrated very fast when he can’t do something by himself. He has no problems getting these on, off, up or down, and it has lead to him taking the initiative to go sit on the potty. He doesn’t need my help, so he is going on when he has to, not just when I ask.

Plus, both sites feature three snaps. This is great for those number 2 accidents (which we are still having quite a few of!). It is so nice not having to pull a dirty trainer down – I can easily unsnap the sides to minimize the mess and make changing him so much easier.

Perfect for Day and Night

These trainers have a large pocket in them that is super easy to get to. The entire side opens to revel a pocket that can fit a folded up prefold easily inside. This is how we “diaper” E for bedtime. I didn’t want to put him back in a disposable diaper at night, but that was the time that I was most worried about. I didn’t want him to wake up in the middle of the night because he was soaking wet, but I didn’t want to set our progress back by using disposables again.

The Antsy Pants are perfect for night time because you can add extra absorbancy. We have used these every night for over a week, and I have never had a leak. E wakes up with a soaked diaper ever morning – he must save up a lot of pee for the middle of the night! – but his pants and his bed are dry.

Because E is pretty tall and slender, we tried two different sizes – 2T and 4T. I really like the fit on both, and have found that both sizes work well for him. I do prefer the 4T for night because it is easier for me to stuff with a prefold, but I have stuffed a 2T and placed it on him for bed, it is just a little more snug.

These trainers have been amazing.

If you are still unsure about making the switch, you can always give them a try before you commit to buy or you can rent long term. Antsy Pants offer a Potty Training Blitz Lease Program where you can rent diapers (new or used) for a very low monthly fee! You can choose from three different sized packages based on how often you want to do laundry. It is a super affordable way to use cloth trainers!

Why Use Antsy Pants Cloth Trainers

Reusable diapers/trainers are an affordable and effective method for potty training. Children learn much faster while using cloth because they can feel when they are wet which allows them to be more in tune with their bodies functions. Disposable diapers/trainers are made of superabsorbant polymers which actively pull wetness away from your child, leaving them with a “dry” feeling and preventing them from receiving the “I’m Wet!” feeling that is necessary for potty training.

Reusable Antsy Pants™ Pull-Up Cloth Diapers are the only diaper that is on the market which is engineered to give your child the wetting feedback that they need EVERY time they wet. The performance lining material allows your child to feel wet for about 5 minutes and then fades to a dry feel. This means that your child feels wet each and every time they wet, not just the first time. This is a huge help when potty training as the diapers themselves are actually helping your child the hardest potty skills: elimination awareness and the need to go potty. This happens with use of the Antsy Pants trainers over time whether or not you are actively potty training.

Get It

Ready to take the leap and add to your cloth trainers stash? You can get your own Antsy Pants directly from their website of from Amazon.


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{I received this review opportunity as part of Mompact. Antsy Pants is a product “invented by moms, for moms”. All opinions are my own and 100% honest}



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