The Best At-Home Wedding Proposals

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Engagements are one of the happiest moments in most of our lives. It has become a tradition for many men (and even the occasional woman!) to orchestrate over the top wedding proposals to make sure their significant other says yes. We have heard it all, from skywriting to underwater engagements; and as part of a new series we will round up some of the best marriage proposals we have seen for you. So whether you are looking for inspiration, or simply enjoy a good story, keep reading and discover the Top 20 Best At-Home Wedding Proposals.

Best At-Home Engagements

It has become a recent trend to propose in elaborate ways, in front of large crowds; but a proposal is an intimate moment between two people that you may not want the rest of the world to be privy to. Keep your engagement a special, private moment between you and your partner and take a cue from some of these memorable, at-home marriage proposals.

Cater in Desert

There are few things in the world that women love more than diamonds and desserts. Combine her two loves and create a romantic night she will never forget. Spend the evening cooking her dinner. Pick out her favorite wine or martini and light some candles to set the mood. If you can work in any traditions, even better! Maybe you can recreate the first meal you two shared together, or buy her the same flowers you gave her on your first anniversary. When proposing, adding any little touch that shows you put time and thought into the event goes a long way to impressing a woman. Once you two have enjoyed a home cooked meal, bring out the dessert. The more elaborate the better! Cakes, or brownies make a great dessert for the occasion. Choose a dessert that you can easily hide a ring in without it getting too sticky and messy. Once she has taken a bite or two into her meal she will discover ring, and then you can surprise her with your heartfelt proposal.

Give her Roses

Let your girlfriend know she always on your mind by sending her one rose a day for eleven days. You can attach a special message to each rose. Use custom stationery, with both of your initials on it for an extra special touch. Try writing out one reason you love her with each rose, or perhaps list out eleven of your favorite memories together. On the twelfth day, your girlfriend will most likely be expecting a final rose to complete the dozen. Surprise her, and instead show up at home with a ring.

Give her a Fortune she will Never Forget

Get creative and change your girlfriend’s future in a way she would never expect from any fortune. There are many companies who allow you to personalize your fortune cookies, and even put jewelry inside of them. For a really special surprise hide the ring inside the fortune cookie. However, if you are worried about her accidentally swallowing the ring, hold onto it and put a fortune with the words, ‘Will you marry me?’ inside instead. Plan a night of delicious Chinese cuisine. If you are feeling confident, make some of the popular Chinese dishes yourself, or order in if your culinary skills are a little rusty. Before she realizes, switch out your fortune cookies with the others. However, be careful to remember which fortune cookie is meant for her as it would spoil the surprise if you bit into the ring yourself!

Propose as a Christmas Present

If you are considering proposing on a holiday, take inspiration from this fun Christmas proposal. Place the ring inside a gift wrapped ornament you can place on the tree. Many Christmas decoration stores sell hanging gift boxes and special ornaments that also double as gift holders. For an added surprise, place your gift on the tree the night before without her noticing. Hide it from view and wait until all the gifts have been opened before pointing it out to her. Since Christmas is such a popular day for families to gather together, arrange a secret ‘engagement party’ with her family and your family to take place later in the day. After she has said yes, she will be ecstatic to discover that all her family and future in-laws are stopping by to help celebrate the day.

Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Add some extra excitement by turning the big moment into a romantic game for her. Hide the ring somewhere around the house. Then set up a scavenger hunt with several clues along the way for her to find. Get as creative as you want with the clues. You can turn each clue into a trivia question, featuring questions about your relationship that she must answer in order to receive the next hint; or each clue can have a small gift along with it. Build anticipation by including five or more clues along the way. Once she has found the final clue present her with a ring and pop the question.

Create a Memory Book

Help remind her why you two are so perfect for each other by creating a scrapbook of all your memories together. Gather together as many photos of you two throughout the years as you can find. Add any memorabilia you may have, including ticket stubs, receipts from dinners and notes you have written to each other. On the last page of the scrapbook write a note asking her to marry you. Make the day even more special by planning an at home picnic to lead up to the proposal. Buy a blanket to spread out, with some candles, a nice bottle of wine and some of her favorite foods. Take some pictures throughout the day and add them to your scrapbook as another wonderful memory together .

Proposing to the love of your life is an exciting, thrilling moment. Plan a romantic proposal at home and you are sure to create an intimate, personal moment that the two of you will remember for the rest of your lives.

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