Handmade by Hilani {Review and Exclusive Discount Code}

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I love handmade items. I always have. As a child, my grandma would make me dolls, dresses, pillows and more, and I always loved getting these unique, made-with-love items. While learning to sew is on my to-do list for this year, I have not gotten around to it yet. But I still love giving my kids handmade items whenever possible.

I started following Handmade by Hilani on facebook by chance. I saw that she was offering a giveaway for two Twilight coffee holders, and being the huge Twilight fan that I am, I immediate entered in hopes of winning the “Mrs. Cullen” one! While I didn’t win {huge bummer} I did stick around — I had been looking over her site and I loved her designs and saw a few that I knew my kids would really enjoy as well.

We have been looking for a wallet for Ian for a few months now. I knew that I wanted to find one that resembled my daughters {she uses an old one of mine with a flap closure} because they were continuously fighting it. It is super hard to find a boys wallet with a flap! One of the first things that I found on the Handmade by Hilani site were the mini wallets.

Ian loves cars, so I asked her if she could make a boys wallet with car fabric. After searching in various locations, Hilani found an awesome ‘Hot Wheels’ fabric, and it is just perfect! Ian loves it.

When his wallet first arrived, he promptly asked where his money was so he could put it in there. He knew what it was without me even telling him, and he is very proud to show people that he has his very own car wallet.

For Violet, I knew that she would love the Busy Body Journal. Ever since starting Kindergarten, all she wants to do is write! This journal is perfect for her – it has to spots to place papers, or a small book, and a pen or pencil. There are handles so that she can carry it around easily – she loves that it looks like a purse.

I love the idea of this portable journal. It is the perfect thing for Violet to grab when we are on the go, and for her to store her special notepads in. She has taken it everywhere with her since it arrived.

I really like that both of these items are made with soft fabrics. The quality of each is visible in not only the materials used, but in the craftsmanship and the fact that have already held up to constant use by two children under 5!

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You can view all of the products available on the Handmade by Hilani Website.

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Use code: MOMSAV for $2.00 off any order! Also, for the month of March, Hilani is offering free shipping on orders over $14.00!


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