My baby boys first hair cut

I have been putting off cutting Ian’s hair. I just loved his long hair, and how cute he looked with it.


What I didn’t love — having to fight him to comb it and clean it. Like most boys, he plays rough and gets dirty. And he doesn’t like his hair brushed or washed. Not the most ideal situation when you have long hair!

I finally had enough this morning when he got something super sticky in it and I couldn’t get it out. Jay and I have been talking about getting his hair cut for a while, so this morning we finally took the plunge.


While I am sad to see his baby hair and baby look go, I love his new shorter, big boy hair cut!

HOWEVER, getting his hair cut seems to have ignited a slightly crazy streak in my normally super sweet boy. He has been a maniac all afternoon!! (But he looks so cute with his new ‘do that I can’t stay mad for long 🙂 )


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