Holiday Puppy Gift Basket REVEALED!! #CBias #ILoveMyk9

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Last week, I told you a little bit about my puppy and showed you all of the goodies that I picked up from my local Wal-Mart for a very special holiday gift basket that I was putting together. I am very excited to show you not only how the basket turned out, but to show you the very special puppy that got all of the goodies!

The finished basket!!

I was very happy with how the basket looked … and Jasper was very excited when he realized that all of the treats and toys were for him! I used a basket that I had tucked away in my closet, and I was happy to see that everything I had gotten fit perfectly inside. We tucked the basket under the tree and Jasper had a wonderful present on Christmas morning.


I picked out many items that I knew would be great for a new puppy or an older dog. I got a variety of toys, a fantastic brush, and 4 different kinds of treats – a box of Milk-Bone® biscuits, a bag of Pup-Peroni treats, and 2 bags of Milo’s Kitchen treats. This basket was not only well received and easy to put together, but super affordable. I got all of the goodies for right around $35.

Having all of these treats on hand has really come in handy. Not only has Japer been enjoying them, but they have been helping us help another dog.

A neighbor from a few streets over stopped by right before Christmas to tell us that his newly rescued dog had gotten away from his daughter and asked if we had seen him. I had, in fact, seen this cute little guy just the day before, and didn’t think much of him running around because many of the families in this area have pets that occasionally wander. I did tell him I would keep an eye out, and that I would try to catch the little guy if he came back again.

We have seen this dog a few times since then, but man is he fast! He takes right off whenever you get close to him. I decided to leave a few treats where I have been seeing him near our barn, and a few a little closer to the house, hoping to gain his trust a bit and draw him in. It is getting colder, and I hate to think of him out on his own. So far, he has come back to eat the treats, but we have not been able to get close enough to him to get him — but we will keep trying!

Jasper has had a wonderful first Christmas with us, and has really loved his basket full of treats and toys. He has also not minded sharing his basket in our attempts to help bring the other dog back to his home — as a rescued pup himself he can really appreciate a good meal, warm home, loving belly rubs, and of course, delicious treats!:)

Want to check out more pictures from my shop, and of my finished basket? You can view them all in my Google+ album.


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