Cozy Sleepwear: 5 Tips For Picking The Perfect Nightgown

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Thank you so much Cindy Prosser for providing this great guide for choosing the perfect nightgown!


A nightgown can be slinky and sexy, fun and flirty or comfy and cozy. Sexy negligees are ideal for other bedroom activities, but the majority of women do prefer to wear some sort of sleepwear to bed. If you’re looking for a nightgown that will keep you warm and cozy throughout the night, we’ve got the perfect guide for you.

How Staying Warm Can Lead To A Better Night’s Sleep

A great night’s sleep begins before you even get into bed. Keeping your room a little cooler at night can help you fall asleep faster, but shivering throughout the night isn’t cool. Turn down the thermostat, but know that you might need to layer up, add an extra blanket or snuggle up to your other half to ensure you stay warm throughout the cold winter nights.

Fabrics Make All The Difference

Are you looking for soft flannel, comfy cotton or silky smoothness? Natural fabrics like silk and cotton will help keep you warm, yet breathe well in case you get overheated. Satin is a popular choice, but many women don’t realize that this fabric is actually a combination of nylon and polyester (yuck!). Cottons can be tossed in the washer and dryer, but silks might require dry cleaning. Dry cleaning is okay for va va voom nighties, but most women aren’t interested in dry cleaning everyday nightwear so look for silks that are designed to stand up to regular washing at home. Consider hang drying to prolong the life of the silk, but take care not to hang them by dainty straps since this could cause them a stretch out a bit or weaken the threads.

Lace can be fun, but look for one that’s not itchy — scratching all night won’t exactly help you stay comfortable. Also look for thoughtful details such as elastic wristbands that aren’t too tight and necklines that don’t feel constricted or bunch as your sleep.

Babydoll? Sleeves? What Style Is Right For You?

Babydoll styles are popular because they can be spiced up with sexy fabrics and colors like jewel tones or black and red, but they can also have a sweet, innocent appearance when they’re in pastels and white. Babydolls are usually flowy, short and sleeveless so you’ll probably need to add an extra blanket to your bed if you get chilly easily.

A more traditional nightshirt can have either short or long sleeves. The right one depends on how warm you get at night. Long sleeves are ideal if you tend to fling off your blankets in the middle of the night, while short sleeves are perfect if you like to wrap your covers around you as you sleep.

Find The Right Length

Although some nightgowns seem to be one size fits all, that’s just not the case. There’s no perfect length for all women — the right length for you depends entirely on your personal preference. If you’re on the taller side, you’re probably looking for a nightshirt that hits you just above the knees. However, if you haven’t been blessed with height, this same length can overwhelm you and leave you tangled up in the sheets.

Comfy Vs. Sexy? You Don’t Have To Choose

If you’re looking to stay comfortable, yet still add a little spice into your bedroom, a nightgown can be a perfect choice. A short flannel nightie in a babydoll style can up the temperature in the bedroom in more than one way, while a nightgown that uses a traditional man’s shirt styling can be extremely sexy and comfortable at the same time. If you’ve got a sports fan in your bed, consider a nightgown that’s styled after a football, baseball, hockey or other sports jersey.

Whether you’re buying a nightgown for yourself or as a gift for that special someone in your life, know that nightgown preferences are as unique as the women who will wear them. Before shelling out the money for a new nightie, consider these buying tips to help you get an amazing night’s sleep.

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