Healing Well Guided Imagery CD

I have another great CD to tell you about from Live Well – it is called Healing Well. Healing Well is a very special CD, as it’s target audience is those dealing with cancer, or other extreme stress related worries.

Healing Well is designed to help you refocus your energy that is being spent on worry and fear onto positive healing. Healing Well is a guided imagery CD that encourages relaxation and visualization to help strengthen the immune system and help to lessen the side effects of cancer treatment by easing pain, anxiety and fear.

How does it work? Well the music created by Jeff Gold, combined with the calming tone of Janet Montgomery’s voice, allows you to be able to relax your mind and help focus your thoughts and energies into a positive, calm state. The Healing Well CD has received glowing reviews and recommendations from those who have used it while going through cancer treatment (you can see these right on their website).

This is just one of the fantastic titles offered through the Live Well Series. You can see the whole collection, and preview each one, directly on their website.

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You can purchase this CD directly through the Live Well Series website. ** Get 20% off with discount code: momvantage


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