Madame Alexander Pinkalicious Doll {Review}

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If you have not yet heard of Pinkalicious you are missing out! Violet LOVES this little lady – who, like herself, is a proud pink lover! 🙂 We have all of the Pinkalicious books, and Violet has been wanted a special Pinkalicious doll for quite a while now. She was so excited when I told her that she could pick one of the dolls offered by Madame Alexander!

After carefully studying the fabulous Pinkalicious dolls available – the original Pinkalicious, Purplicious, Silverlicious, Goldilicious, the play set and the collectors doll – she decided on the beautiful Goldilicious version! (Now that is a lot of ilicious-ness!).

This 18 inch doll cloth has brown eyes on a printed face which has pink circles on her cheeks, a big, pink smile and Tosca yarn pigtails with bangs. She wears a princess dress that pairs a magenta and light pink bodice with an iridescent pink overskirt, full puffed sleeves and an underskirt of magenta satin. A pink satin hennin, princess hat, with an attached veil, fuchsia ballet slippers and a satin, gold star wand with ribbon trim completes her look.

When Pinkalicious arrived, she was immediately embraced with a huge hug, put through a rigorous inspection and quickly given a nickname. Pinky – as she is now called – received Violet’s seal of approval, and neither girl nor doll was seen again for a few hours as they played in secret in Violet’s room. Since then, Pinky has gone most everywhere that Violet goes … on daring adventures, long camping trips, to play on the slide, for rides in the car, as a school guest, and a slumber buddy… and even to the bathroom!

I think that it is pretty obvious how Violet feels about Pinky, but in case you were still unsure… Violet ran into the kitchen a few nights ago and informed me that “Pinky is the best doll ever (mom)!”

I have to admit, I think that she is pretty cool myself. She is 18 inches of pink perfection! I love her princess dress (so does Violet) and I was greatly impressed with the overall quality of the entire doll. She is very detailed for a cloth doll – her dress features beautiful embellishments and her face and hair look just like the character in the book. The material that her clothes and body is made out of are all very soft and are obviously high quality.  She is the perfect size doll to play with, and she is also soft and snugly, so she makes a great bedtime companion.

This is our first Madame Alexander doll, but I can tell you this – it won’t be our last!


You can check out the huge selection of Madame Alexander dolls on their website, or find a store near you!



I was provided with a complimentary product to review. All opinions expressed are my own and 100% honest.


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