Listen to Me, Please! {Review}

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I have a very strong willed 4 year old. She wants to be the adult – the one in charge, and experiences her emotions and feelings in a very strong way. I love that she is so passionate about her hobbies and games, but it is really a struggle sometimes to talk to her about things and figure out how she is really thinking.

My Feelings are Hungry, by Ava Parnass, with Rebecca Parnass, is a fantastic book for teaching young children about feelings. My daughter does not always know what emotion it is that she is feeling, this book really helped her sort it out. We both really liked the Feeling Town map, and Violet drew up her own street names. We also made some “feelings flash cards” to help her show me how she feels. We took some pictures of her making happy, sad, silly, and angry faces, and she drew some pictures for other feelings including confused, upset, and jealous. She can now identify her feelings and picture and tell me what “street” she is on!

“Listen to Me, Please!”, by Dr. Ron Taffel and Ava Parness RN MSN with Kate Kaminski, is one of the best parenting technique books that I have read in a very long time. I love that the book is designed to not only help the parent, but get the child talking and sharing their feelings in a very easy and natural way. The beginning of the book is full of parenting tips and each of the 15 conversations starters features a picture, title, conversation starter, and conversation continuers to help you get in the groove and really connect and bond with your child.

Both of these books have quickly become favorite go-to items when Violet is feeling frustrated, upset or angry. They really help her put a finger on what is bugging her and why. Better yet – they help her effectively communicate that information to me! It’s a hard job being a parent; you don’t always know what to say or how to help your child express themselves emotionally. These books help with that – they lay the ground work for a beautiful, open relationship with your child.

Ava Parness can be found on Twitter @ListenToMePleas


My Feelings are Hungry can be purchased HERE

“Listen to Me, Please!” can be purchased HERE

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