Personal Child Stories

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Right around Christmas time we were having a hard time with Violet. She was in a funky mood and kept saying things that were making me very sad – she kept saying that she thought we didn’t love her. 🙁 I don’t know if she was saying it for dramatic effect (she does that sometimes) or if she was really feeling that way. Either way, I knew I had to do something.

A few months earlier, I had found Personal Child Stories. I knew that I had wanted to order one, but I couldn’t decide what I wanted my book  to be about. Each Personal Child Stories book is personalized – not just with photos but with a unique story written just for your child! I saw that they offered a book titled “We Love You Just the Way You Are” and I knew that was the one I wanted.

I gathered up tons of photos and sent them over. Shara was so helpful, and took the time to ask questions about my daughter and our family so she could get a good sense of us before writing the story. She sent me a digital copy to preview and read before she printed it – and she assured me that if there was anything in the wording or pictures that I didn’t like she could change it at this time.

You know what – it was perfect. It brought tears to my eyes reading the story and seeing the pictures. She did a wonderful job with everything!

I gave her the thumbs up and she continued along with the process. Shortly thereafter, my book arrived – wrapped up in a beautiful bow. I had to wrap it for Christmas right away or I would have given it to right when it arrived. I knew that she was going to love this book!!

Sure enough, when Violet opened her book Christmas morning, she was thrilled to see a book with her picture on the front. She stopped opening her presents to come and sit with me so I could read her the story. When I was done she hugged me, then she hugged her book. She looked very happy.

She was so into reading her story that she didn't notice me taking her picture!

Violet is very protective of her books – Ian has not yet learned how to be nice to paper books. Thankfully, this is NOT an issue with her PCS book. Each page is laminated in heavy duty lamination – there is no wrecking this book! It has been pulled on, drooled on, drinks have been spilled on it – and it still looks brand new. It is tough – which is perfect for not only my kids, but all kids I’m sure!

Since receiving her book, Violet can be found sitting quietly reading it to herself. She has also carried it around with her for days, and even slept with it at night (when she is upset, has had a rough day or is scared she asks to sleep with her PCS book). She really loves it. Everyone that comes to the house is shown Violet’s favorite book.

This book has done what it was intended to do, plus so much more. The beautifully written story has engaged my daughter and encouraged her to read it herself – she knows almost all the words now – and it is a reminder to her that we love her no matter what. This book will be a treasured keepsake for my daughter as she gets older, and I know that we will enjoy it together for years to come.


These books are perfect for all kids – from babies right on up. They are also great for special needs children, teaching behavior modification, helping your child learn their ABCs or how to count, or just for a special story all about your child.

Shara has over 23 years experience working with kids, a background in education and early childhood, and worked as a nanny for over 16 years. She has three children of her own, and is one of the nicest and most caring and compassionate people you could hope to meet. She will work with you to create a fantastic book that both you and your child will cherish for many years to come.


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