StoryLand Yoga DVD Review

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I recently started doing yoga, and when my daughter saw me she immediately wanted to join in. I wanted a fun way to teach her poses that would be easy for her to do, and found StoryLand Yoga from Playful Planet.

We popped the DVD right in when we got it, and Violet wanted to do the “Condor Trek” first.

I really liked that the story kept her engaged, and that there were other children featured in the video doing the poses. I noticed that she was watching very intently, and that she was very focused when trying to do the poses. If she struggled, she would take a deep breath, ask me to rewind it, and she would try again. This is slightly out of character for her, as she is easily frustrated by not being able to do something.

"Surfing" during the Whale Rescue 🙂

When “Condor Trek” was over, she was very excited to move onto “Save the Whale”, which I enjoyed just as much. Being a yoga “newbie” I enjoyed doing the poses with her. It was a very fun way to spend some quality time with each other.

The story lines were fun and very entertaining, and they held my 4 year old’s attention – something that is not a small feat by any means!

We have watched this video numerous times, and it always seems to find its way onto the TV when it is too cold or wet to get some outdoor play time. It is a wonderful way to encourage your children to stretch and exercise, and it provides a wonderful foundation in yoga to expand up.


I was provided with a complimentary product to review. All opinions expressed are my own and 100% honest.


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