Bari Koral Family Rock Band CD Review

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My kids both love music. Violet has always loved to dance, and sing, from a very early age. Ian is following right in her footsteps, and could listen to music and dance all day long.

I heard about Bari Koral family rock band and their new children’s album, Rock and Roll Garden.

I couldn’t wait to listen to the CD with my two little ones, and as soon as it got here, we tore into it and popped it in the CD player.

Ian immediately put his toys down so that he could listen and dance, and Violet began to dance around him as well. She wanted to know the name of each song as it started to play, and thought that a few of the names were funny (Boom Boom, pop, hey ducky, uh oh).

I liked that the songs were unique, catchy, and fun; and that both the kids liked them. My daughter doesn’t always like what my son likes – she is 4 and he is 13 months – and will sometimes say that his music is “just for babies”. Not when this CD comes out – they both get excited to listen, dance, and sing along! It is no wonder that this CD has won numerous awards and was named one of the best kids/family albums of the year!

This CD has quickly moved into the number one spot on our car and house rotation, and is one of the first asked for by my daughter when there is an opportunity for music.

Rock and Roll Garden is a fun and fresh children’s CD that will get, and keep, your little ones dancing!

About Bari Koral (taken from her Bio):

“Before entering the world  of children’s music, Bari Koral spent the better part of eight  years touring as a successful folk/pop singer. Bari loved performing, yet, over time, grew tired of life on the road away from her family. Just for fun, she had started performing at the Long Island Children’s Museum near her hometown, writing songs on the fly with thechildren in the audience.The Long Island Children’s Museum awarded Bari a grant based on her children’s songs.  Bari assembled a top-notch band, including esteemed jazz musician Dred Scott on bass and acclaimed Broadway drummer Eric Halvorson on drums. Bari, Dred, and Eric have been performing as the Bari Koral Family Rock Band ever since, making their mark in the children’s music world with chart-topping singles, joyful live performances and most importantly, a strong connection with their youthful fans and families. Bari loves working with children and teaches 15 music and movement classes in NYC each week.”


I was provided with a complimentary copy of this album for review. All opinions expressed are my own and 100% honest.


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