MiracleBody Jeans Review

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The holidays are a time for togetherness in my family. Along with all of this togetherness, comes food – LOTS of it! We bake, we eat out, we cook big dinners…. plus we have lots of holiday parties to attend. I am always a little bit appearance conscious around this time of year – I see a lot of people that I haven’t seen in a while, plus I am eating a lot more snacks and treats. That being said, I have been known to get just a little bit stressed out over what I am going to wear.

Thankfully, this year I will not be so stressed.

Why, you ask? WELL…. I have an awesome pair of jeans that will be making an appearance with me at EVERY party that I attend this season! These are not just any jeans. No, they are MiracleBody Jeans, and let me tell you, they truly are a miracle!

I got to test out a pair of the Boot Cut Samantha Jeans in the classic pocket style. I really liked that they were a dark denim, and after multiple washes, the color didn’t run or fade at all. Plus, I LOVED how comfortable they were. I had expected them to be really restricting, like most other body shaping products that I have tried, but they were the complete opposite and very easy and actually enjoyable to wear. There is no need to “hike them up” as they stay in place, and the shape that they deliver is unbelievable.

About MiracleBody Jeans:

~ They are a 10″ mid-rise jean that sits on the hips to create curves, but  is slightly higher in the back for additional rear coverage.

~ They feature Embroidered pockets: Classic style, designed to give the illusion of a slimmer backside.

~ Material – 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex: comfortable fit with breathe-easy stretch. This unique blend of cotton and spandex control fabric shapes and slims the thighs and lifts the rear for an all around slender look.

They really do take off 10 pounds in 10 seconds!

I decided to include a “without MiracleBody Jean” photos as well as a “with MiracleBody Jean” photos mainly because I just loved how these jeans made me look and feel. They definitely improved my confidence! (Small note about the pictures – they were taken by my very helpful 4 year old photographer! She thought that it was very funny that I was asking her to take pictures of my butt! LOL)

My "without MiracleBody Jeans" look - pretty frumpy!

My "with MiracleBody Jeans" look- I like it a lot better!

Jay always tells me that he  loves how I look (even in sweats), but  he noticed, liked, and commented on the difference these jeans made – he did a double take when I walked out in them!!

My favorite thing about these jeans, is that they shaped my thighs, flattened my lower stomach (one of my BIGGEST complaint areas) and smoothed my hips. There is no “muffin top” or squished, uncomfortable feeling.  They gave me my “before baby” body back in 10 second – what’s not to love about that?!

If you not a jeans fan, don’t worry! MiracleBody has something for you. They offer leggings, skirts and tops, in addition to their 3 different styles of jeans. Even if you don’t think you look good in jean, you will look good these! I highly suggest giving them a try!


I received a pair of these jeans for free to review. All opinions expressed about are my own and 100% honest.


Have you tried out any of the MiracleBody Line? I’d love to hear about your experience with these great products!


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