SodaStream Review

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I have a family of soda lovers. Jay cannot get enough soda, and Violet freaks out over the mere mention of soda. I, however, am not a huge soda fan. I do enjoy a glass now and again, especially with pizza (yum!) but I am not an everyday soda drinker.That is starting to change.

I had the opportunity to try out the SodaStream Home Soda Maker and I am turning into a huge soda fan! Let me tell you why. The SodaStream is so easy to use that in less than 90 seconds you can have fresh soda. I cannot believe how good the soda tastes! Freshly made soda taste SO much better than store bought bottle or can of soda AND better than soda from a soda fountain. It is just delicious!

SodaStream offers a wide variety of soda and sparkling water flavors (OVER 30!), so you can try a new flavor with every bottle! We really like the Cranberry-Raspberry Flavor, and the Lemon & Lime Flavor. They were so yummy, and the Cranberry-Raspberry one is this awesome red color that my daughter just loved!

I liked that I knew exactly what was going into the soda – water, flavor syrup (where I could control the amount) and CO2. THAT’S IT!

SodaStream is an “Active Green” product, which means that while you are enjoying something you like (soda) you are reducing your CO2 footprint. Also, it uses no electricity, battery power or plumbing to make your soda. It can be used anyplace! Plus, the unit itself doesn’t take up much room, and can be easily stored in a cabinet or on a shelf. We liked how it looked, and the fact that it hardly takes up any counter space, so we decided to keep it out. Plus we haven’t been able to stop using it since we got it – so it is MUCH more convenient to keep it out.

SodaStream is an exceptional value, environmentally friendly and fun to use. There are 4 different styles of soda machines, so you can easily find one to match your kitchen decor. It makes a great gift for friends, family members and coworkers…. and don’t forget about yourself!

For the latest news on SodaStream including neat recipes, new flavors and products, and some really cool SodaStream giveaways, follow them on Twitter!


I received a SodaStream System for free to review. All opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own.


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