Monkey Monkey Music – the Videos Review

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Monkey Monkey Music with Meredth Levande – the Videos was a entertaining way to spend 36 minutes with my kids! The music is fun and interesting, and little bit different than what you normally hear for kids music. Some tracks were really upbeat and fun to dance and move to, while others were relaxing and you just wanted to close your eyes and listen.
My daughter picked up the lyrics to most of the songs by the 3rd time she watched it (in a row, I might add!) and was singing a few of them in full right along with the video. My son is not overly interested in TV, but as soon as I put the video in, he sat on my lap and watched the ENTIRE thing. He would wiggle and bop (his form of dancing!) at the appropriate moments, but his eyes never left the screen. 
I loved that it shows such a diverse group of children. You don’t typically see that in kids shows and movies, and I was happy to see that Meredith Levande really showcased this. I also enjoyed how the videos were a split between cartoon and real people/places. Some were all real (“Chinatown” for one), some were all cartoon ( “Hop On My Bike”), and some were a mix (“Where Is It?)! It was bright and interesting. 

What is Monkey Monkey Music?
“Monkey Monkey Music is a children’s music program developed by Meredith LeVande, an educator and songwriter who has close to a decade of experience working with preschool aged children. Monkey Monkey Music is a continuously evolving project that’s committed to conscious and quality based music and media which puts the best interests of children first. Learning and music is a fun, joyous, experience for children, which is why Meredith’s collection of songs and live performances continuously engage both children and adults for years on end. Celebrations can be educational, and education should be fun which is why her shows, parties and programs are so successful.” (Courtesy of
This DVD is scheduled for release on December 1st, 2010 and it will make a wonderful stocking stuffer! This movies is listed for “ages 2 & up” but I think that younger children that enjoy music would like this as well!
If you would like to PRE-ORDER this DVD click HERE!

Looking for something to do on a rainy day – or maybe you are waiting for your Monkey Monkey Music DVD? Monkey Monkey Music offers free games on there website! Make sure to check them out – my daughter had a blast with them! The website also has some video clips and you can listen to more of Meredeth’s music!

I was provided this DVD for free to review. All opinions expressed are my own and 100% honest.


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