Mommy Rules!

After getting into trouble the other day, Violet decided to go play outside. She ran into the neighbor out there and promptly informed her that she was “Sick of all the rules” and went about her business of moping about on the swing set. This whole conversation was unknown to me, until the following day when my Mom called me to tell me about it. She knows that neighbor, who happened to tell her what happened because she thought that Violet was just so cute and funny.
Upon being asked why she was sick of all the rules, Violet told me (with a sigh) that she “just was.”
When I tried to get more specifics out of her, like what rules exactly she was sick of, she shook her head, smiled and responded:
“Oh Mom! You know! The Mommy Rules!” and went skipping off down the hallway.

She makes a good point, because I too think that “Mommy Rules!” 🙂

(What? I never mentioned that I am plagued with selective hearing?)


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