Wanted: Bear Cubs?!?

Jay loves CraigsList. He is boarder-line obsessed with looking on it. I like to take a peek sometimes, there is occasionally a funny post and reply. Well, we found this book – “Wanted, Bear Cubs for my Children” by Gary Fingercastle, and it is SO FUNNY! It is the documentation of fake posts that this author posted on various craigs lists, and all the crazy answers that he got! We have been reading it and laughing for days!
Needless to say, craigs list is an important on-line staple for Jay in our house. He can’t make it through the day without checking on it. I, however, seem to be ok with just reading the book.

Examples from book:
“Horse loose in apartment… help!”
“Monkey Butler up for Adoption”
“Hiring lazy, unmotivated manager”

Very funny book – highly recommended for a quick laugh!


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