The Juice Pitcher

I love doing the dishes. Unloading the dishwasher to be more exact. Especially late at night, when I am trying to be super quiet so I don’t wake up the kids.

I had to put away my favorite blue bowl. It goes on the highest shelf in the cabnet.

BUT, before the bowl could go to its home, I had to take a few things out of the way – namely the Juice Pitcher.

As I reached up to get it down (now I am tall and I had to stand on my tippy-toes), it fell! Trying to avoid making any loud noises, I did an awkward move and tried to catch it in my arms (so there was no loud clatter AND I didn’t want to drop my bowl!) Boy, did that work out great! The pitcher bounced off my arms, into my nose and landed very loudly on the counter!

My nose looked good too!

I think the bleeding gash really adds something to my look.

I just LOVE doing the dishes!! 🙂


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