Mall Trip!

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A few days ago while I was online, I stumbled across a really great promotion that was being run by The Gap called the “Gap Give and Get Program”. To participate, you pick a non-profit organization (I choose the World Wildlife Fund) and your entire purchase at Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic was 30% off PLUS the non-profit of your choice receives 5% of what you spend. It sounded like an awesome deal, and I was extra excited because I really need a few new pairs of jeans.

There were only two things wrong with the deal:

1.) You could not use the coupon online – it was in stores only. No big deal, I planned for the day as best I could. I got everyone up and ready early to head to the mall – I wanted to try to beat some of the back-to-school shoppers, and was super excited when I got there that the mall wasn’t too busy yet. I drug both kids into The Gap store, found the jean display and started digging.

As soon as my back was turned my daughter becomes a whirlwind of terror, and is running up and down the isles, causing a sales person to come and offer her assistance. I told her what I was looking for, and left her to find it while I wrangled Violet back over to the stroller (where her brother was throwing Gerber Cheese Doodles). I got back to  problem number 2 – the very exciting news that they did  not have my size, nor did they carry it in the store.

I was okay with the fact that they didn’t have my size. I will admit, it was a little inconvenient, but I figured that they would have a similar policy to other stores where they would be able to order my size online and still give me the discount. No. They can’t.

I asked the sales girl, and evidently, they would have to order it the same way that I would, they could not give me any type of discount on shipping, or honor the current promotion.

Needless to say, it is not a good day to wear a size 14L.


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