The Blue Spoon

Ian has started the “blue spoon” trend – he refused to give it up at dinner a few nights ago, and has not let it go since!
After watching her brother enjoy the spoon so much for a few days, she just couldn’t help herself – she had to see what it was all about (mind you Ian was screaming when I walked in because she took the spoon.)
Romeo found the spoon on the table (Ian threw it) and when I came out, he looked away and pretended that I couldn’t see him.
After I left the kitchen, Romeo knocked the spoon off of the table and Otis was playing with it. When I heard and came in, he looked at me like he was just standing there, doing nothing of importance.

For some reason, EVERYONE is my house LOVES this blue baby spoon. As you can see, I caught them all playing with it yesterday… Weird.


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