Don’t sell my clothes!!

I am a self admitted eBay addict. I LOVE eBay – I buy, I sell, I buy… I just can’t get enough.

Violet is horrified of the thought of her worldly possessions being sold. Every change of season, we go through a tearful farewell as I pack up her out of season clothes and put her new ones in her dresser and closet. It is even more tearful when I pull the same clothes back out a few months later to list on eBay.

Violet can’t be happy for the new without being sad for the old. While she loves getting new clothes and shoes, she has a terribly hard time saying goodbye to the things that she can no longer wear.

Because it is back to school time (yippy!) I have been digging out Violet’s and Ian’s fall and winter clothes from last year to place for sale. When Violet saw what I was doing, she tearfully pulled out a dress from last year, hugged it and said goodbye. She then insisted on trying all the clothes that I was getting rid of on – to prove that they still fit of course!

It goes without saying that the one she wanted to keep the most no longer looked like a dress but resembled a short sleeve shirt!


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