**Wonderful Wednesday update**

Shortly after my post this morning, Princess our fish, passed away. 🙁
Violet and I were very distressed after burying her, and I decided that we needed some retail therapy to make us feel better.

I invited my mom to do some shopping with us. It was a very fun trip to Wal-Mart (I did LOTS of impressions of both my mom and Violet talking) and Violet looked BEAUTIFUL in her new dress from her Amma (my mom). No less than 15 people commented on her dress while we were there, and most of them called her a “princess”. By the end of the trip, Violet was sick of explaining to people that she “isn’t a princess, just a little girl”. I thought she was dressed more like someone from the 14th century, and I have to admit, I wish that I had a similar dress to wear – she looks very pretty in it.

I didn’t buy much at Wal-Mart, but it did make me feel better to look around and get a few things for the kids. While I had a lot of fun shopping, dinner was a different story.

I had a very nice meal planned – a grilled split chicken breast with a delicious rub! – BUT when I put it on the grill, it caught on fire, and was completely charred by the time I checked on it 10 minutes later. We ended up having Kraft Toy Story Mac & Cheese. Yum.


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