What a Wonderful Wednesday!!

Well… I am very optimistic about how wonderful today is going to be- after such a joyous morning, how could the day be anything else??

My day started around 5:30 with the baby getting up. No big deal, I brought him to bed to lay with me. It was only after we had been there for a while that I realized that he had gone pee and it had leaked completely out of his diaper and all over the bed (as was evident by the gigantic wet mark on my brand new sheets.). Then just as I was falling back asleep, Violet decided that she was going to get up and sing – as loud as she could, sitting next to my bed. FUN!!!

After bringing Jay to work, I decided that I desperately needed a coffee. To further confirm this fact, Violet decided to scream while in the drive-thru line at Dunkin Donuts that she “hates cereal! PLEASE will I buy her something else!?” over and over. As the volume of her please was increasing, so was the fake crying, and then she began to thrash about in her car seat while begging for any breakfast other than cereal. I’m sure that the girl working at the window got a kick out of us, as I practically ripped my coffee from her hand in an attempt to make a speedy exit. Violet informed me, very calmly I might add, as we were leaving that she would not be eating ever again.

To make this day even more fun, once we got home, I realized that my fish (which I have had for over 10 year) is dying. 🙁 She has not been doing good for a while and I will be surprised if she makes it for more than another day or so.

All this and it’s only 9:15!! Looks like it’s going to a truly wonderful day!


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