What my neighbors must think…..

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I am a very loud talker. I always have been…. actually, most of my family is very loud. My children are no exception.

This would not be a problem if we didn’t live in an apartment. What makes it a little worse is that the very nice couple who live upstairs from us are newlyweds with no kids yet. That being said, I constantly wonder what they must think when they hear my kids screaming about everything!

Violet is by far the biggest offender. You would think we beat her on a daily basis the way she is always yelling. I swear she has never ever been spanked, not even so much as a light tap. However, if she is asked to oh say, go play with the gazillion toys that she has in her bedroom while I (clean the bathroom, put the baby to bed, make lunch, etc…) she  screams like you are killing her. Apparently, being by herself is complete and total torture – that is unless it was her idea, then she will play barbies for a good hour or so in there by herself.

And if she hurts herself it’s all over. They honestly must think that we are rotten down here with the way she carries on. Now I am very sympathetic and concerned when she is genuinely hurt, but she is a VERY dramatic girl, and can be totally fine (after she say stubbed her toe) but if she knows that I saw it, or I ask if she is OK, she launches into a 20 minute rendition of how much it hurts – fake crying and all.

Time-out is a completely different ball game. Time-outs in our house consist of a trip to your room to think about why a.) you are being put into time-out and b.) to give you a chance to calm down after a temper tantrum or argument. Now, Violet is not so good at quickly completing a time-out. Once again, the thought of sitting by herself is too much for her, and she usually freaks out more (read- gets A LOT louder). It usually ends with me telling her that her time-out is over and she can come out as soon as she stops screaming and yelling to which she responds, at the top of her lungs “I’M DONE SCREAMING AND YELLING!!!!” As much as I try to explain to her that yelling to me that she is done yelling defeats the purpose, she just doesn’t get it yet. She just really wants to make sure that I can hear her tell me that she is done screaming and yelling.

I know that her loudness is not intentional; she cant help it, she is just naturally loud – it runs in the family!

Ian is not much better. He will scream as loud as he can, as long as he can just because he loves the sound of his own voice. Half the time, he hears Violet yelling and decides that he needs to put his “two cents” in the conversation and lets out a big howl of his own. I can only imagine what it must sound like to people with no children.

I have to admit, that Jay and I also contribute to the problem. We are a family of yellers. Daily, we yell conversations from one room to the other.
“Mom can I have a drink”
“What? I can’t hear you!”
“Can I have a drink?!”
“What? You have to come here, I can’t hear you!”
(VERY loud on the way to where ever I am) “MOM! CAN I HAVE A DRINK!?!”
“Oh sure Violet, you didn’t have to yell.”

Thankfully, our neighbors travel a lot.  I wonder if we have anything to do with that…..


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