Baby Sign Language

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Violet loved sign language as a baby.

“Do you want a ba-ba now, Violet?” “Are you all done or do you want more?” “What do you want to eat?”
Her answers – “yes” “no” “more” “all done” “cheese” “grapes” “eat”…. all answered and asked with sign language (and speaking on my part) and all when she was about 11 months old.

I started signing with Violet right around the time that she started eating solid food (4-6 months) and she picked it up really fast. She loved being able to talk to us when she didn’t know how to say the words. It was also a blessing when she finally did start talking because any word she didn’t know how to say she could sign. It saved a lot of frustrating moments throughout the day.

Ian, on the other hand, seems to have NO interest what-so-ever in learning how to sign. I have been trying to get him to used to signing at meal times and when I am talking to him during the day. But for the most part he just looks at me like he could care less. I sign “more” to him while eating and the look that I get back is “yea, I want more, now give it to me!”

I was hoping to put him in a signing class, (we took a wonderful one when Violet was little) but I am having trouble finding one in my area. 🙁

However, I am VERY excited because Violet’s sign teacher has a book that was just published and is available for pre-order thru It’s called “Once Upon a Sign: Using American Sign Language to Engage, Entertain, and Teach All Children” by Kimberly Taylor-Deliva
I am hoping that with the use of this book (which I have pre-ordered! I can’t wait!!) and the book I purchased during Violet’s class ( “Pick Me Up! Fun Songs for Learning Signs” by Sign2Me ) that I will be able to successfully teach Ian sign language on my own!

Hopefully I can get Violet to help!!!


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