10 Summer Vacation Ideas

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Schools in my area are celebrating end of the year graduations…you should have seen the line at Olive Garden the other night – 40 minute wait! Therefore, many are starting their summer vacations. Summer is one of my favorite seasons as that is when I celebrate my birthday and my mom gave me many fond memories.

Summer usually is a time for family vacations too since children are out of school. Family vacations are a way to relax, enjoy time away from the hustle and bustle of every day life. It’s a time to rejuvenate and create amazing memories as a family. I want to share 10 summer vacation ideas that any family can take and plan their own family vacation. Hopefully they inspire you to plan your summer vacation, if you haven’t already.

Inexpensive Family Vacations

  1. Camping – I grew up going camping every summer. I think that’s how my mom retained her sanity (ha ha!). My three sisters and I spent most of our time swimming at the pool, river or lake depending on the campground. My dad would visit us wherever we were after work or on the weekends. Lots of fun memories!
  2. The Lake – If you live near a lake, it may be a way to spend your time if you plan a stay-vacation.
  3. The Beach/Ocean – I grew up living about a half hour from the ocean. We did not have air conditioning so my dad would tell us to all get into the car to go for a drive along the shore. Then we would stop and get fish and chips (my sisters and I would get burgers or hotdogs as we were not as keen on fish as our parents were!)
  4. Family Camp – There are usually many family camps going on during the summer months. It’s a great way to meet new people, participate in fun activities and spend time with family.
  5. Cabin in the Woods – Know someone with a cabin in the woods? Ask them if they would allow you to use it for a weekend or week. There are also different places that offer this option, like Adventures Unlimited (zip lining, tubing and more!) in Morton, Florida.
  6. Working Vacation – There are organizations that will offer lodging and food, for a small fee or for next to nothing if you desire to give back and help the organization with projects. For example the school I went to offers this and they usually have projects for everyone from skilled professionals like carpenters and plumbers to a layperson like you or me.

Our Family’s Dream Vacations

Every family probably dreams about exotic places they wish they could visit. Below are some our family has talked about visiting and what we consider our dream vacations.

  1. Disney – I have been to Disney, but the rest of my family has not. It would be really cool to treat them to a trip to Disney!
  2. Grand Canyon – We’ve always been fascinated by the Grand Canyon. We’d need to go early or later in the season to avoid Arizona’s hottest months.
  3. England/Scotland/Ireland – My husband has been to England and Scotland but missed the boat to Ireland. Literally. It still bothers him to this day because he really wanted to see Ireland. With a Scottish heritage, I’d love to see the country where my grandparents grew up. Plus being Canadian, I am a fan of the Royal family.
  4. Australia – It would be fascinating to visit Australia.

Summer is a time to enjoy the warm weather, sunshine and vacations. How about you, have plans for a summer vacation? What is your dream vacation? Feel free to share them! No matter what your plans are this summer, enjoy!

About the Author:

Theresa has been married for nearly 18 years and is mom to 8 beautiful children. She is also a WAHM (Work-At-Home-Mom). In addition to blogging, she is a Virtual Assistant with her own company as well as an independent contractor with Your USA VA. Her interests include: reading, writing, travel, education, being an entrepreneur, being self-sufficient by growing her own food – her family currently has 35 chickens, 10 turkeys and a huge garden! To learn more about her and her family visit her blog Faith and Family Reviews.

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